Te Seguire Siempre (Moving Forward)


Moving Forward

Verse 1
What a moment you have brought me to,
Such a freedom I have found in you,
You’re the healer, who makes all things new,
Yeah, yeah, yeahhhhh
I’m not going back I’m moving ahead,
I’m here to declare to you that my past is over,
in you old things are made new,
I surrender my life to Christ,
I’m moving, moving forward.
Verse 2
You have risen with all power in your hands;
You have given me a second change
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, yeah, yeah, yeahhhh.
You make all things new,
You make all things new,
And I will follow you forward.
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Spanish translation

Te Seguire Siempre

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Verso 1
A ese don que has traído tú,
En quien confiamos y nos traes luz.
Todo nuevo lo haces tú Jesús,
Sí, sí, sí.
No vuelvo atrás camino hacia ti,
Hoy lo declararé,
No existe más el ayer.
Todo nuevo haces tú,
Rindo mi vida, oh Dios,
Te seguiré siempre.
Verso 2
De la muerte, resucitaste con poder,
Me has dado nuevo amanecer,
Aleluya, aleluya,
Sí, sí, sí.
Todo lo haces nuevo,
Todo lo haces nuevo,
Y yo te seguiré siempre.
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