Nat King Cole - Muñequita linda (Te quiero dijiste) (English translation)


Muñequita linda (Te quiero dijiste)

Muñequita linda de cabellos de oro
de dientes de perlas, labios de rubí.
Dime si me quieres como yo te adoro,
si de mí te acuerdas, como yo de ti.
Y a veces escucho un eco divino
que envuelto en la brisa parece decir:
«Sí, te quiero mucho,
mucho, mucho, mucho,
tanto como entonces, siempre, hasta morir».
Submitted by nefelibata on Thu, 12/10/2017 - 08:51
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English translation

Beautiful Little Doll

Beautiful little doll, golden-haired,
of pearly teeth, of ruby lips.
Tell me if you love me like I adore you,
if you remember me like I remember you.
And sometimes I hear a divine echo,
rolled in on the breeze, that seems to say:
"Yes I love you very
very, very, very much,
as much as I did then, always, until I die."
I started to translate here to help other people understand songs that
they could not understand themselves. The languages I speak are
very common, and therefore I do not have anything else to contribute
to this website. As far as I am concerned,
use whatever I have published in any way you want. That was never
a problem with me .
Except for the Basque (Modern Batua) songs that are properly cited, all was
done by me.
I do not care if you use it or pass it off as yours. I could not care less.
You are more than welcome to do whatever you want with anything I did here.
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