Land of Mournful Songs (Murheellisten laulujen maa)

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Land of Mournful Songs

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He was born innocent
So it happened
To this northern, cold country
Where even his forefathers
Drunk, of course
Beat their wives, kids, if they managed to catch them
The traditional fate of a man
That boy wanted to avoid
I will never buy an axe
And never drink booze
Otherwise I'll drink the house
The snow calls to the family in the winter
But he never wants to do like daddy did
But when there's no job to be found
The hand of fate is making him drink
And so Turmiolan tommi comes to life once again
And the manners of lords rub off on the peasant
Full gallop towards the liquor store
It drives a man to despair
When the frost claims the crops
From the cold earth, quietly
A cold eye stares
As the axe rises
From amidst the hills
From inside the earth
Fathers look upon their sons with pride
Unemployment, booze, axe and family
Snow, police and the last mistake
This land of thousands of mournful songs
Which flows into thousands of lakes
A tenacious people, the amount of whose self-pity
Is not measured with sense or determined by Kärki
In whose songs trump cards are lost
And the gates of heaven remain shut
They tell of Einari Epätoivo (~Danny Despair)
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Murheellisten laulujen maa

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