Ko Hoku Loto 'Eni (This Is My Desire)

Tongan translation

Ko Hoku Loto 'Eni

Ko hoku loto 'eni ke fakatapu'i 'ia te KOE
'EIKI, mo hoku loto kotoa
Ku lotua atu kia te KOE
Ko e me'a kotoa 'oku ou ma'u 'i loto au
'Oku ou foaki atu 'a e fakamālō kia te KOE
Me'a kotoa 'oku ou lotua
Ko ia ai 'oku 'ia te KOE.
'EIKI, 'oku ou foaki kia te KOE 'eku loto
'Oku ou foaki kia te KOE 'eku laumaalie
'Oku ou mo'ui 'ia te KOE pē
Manava kotoa 'oku ou fai
Momeniti kotoa 'oku aa 'e au
'EIKI, ke KE fa'iteliha KOE 'ia te au.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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This Is My Desire

This is my desire to honor You
Lord, with all my heart
I worship You
All I have within me
I give You praise
All that I adore
Is in You