Rajathi Raja Yesuve, Yen Ballare


This is my desire

this is my desire to honor you
lord with all my heart
i worship you
all i have within me
i give you praise
all that i adore
is in you

lord i give you my heart i
i give you my soul
i live for you alone
every breath that i take
every moment im awake
lord have your way in me

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Rajathi Raja Yesuve, Yen Ballare

Rajathi Raja Yesuve, Yen Ballare
Avi Yanna Massariram Ummakke,
Ummatha Peer Ummai Yen Anbarre,
Nyanna Sathiyam Jeevan Yen Neesarre,

Yenthan Vanjai Neere Yen Kanmallai Yesu,
Kathu Kollveer Yendrum, Allaitheveer Neere
Yennai Naddatidume Naan Kallinggiddave maaten,

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