Sailor Moon (OST) - Mi Amor (English translation)

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My Love

I love you
I like your voice
Do you love me?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Our eyes met by chance
That was the beginning
I heard the sound of something changing deep in my heart
Going down a street for the first time
I doubt even a lost puppy
Would understand this confusion
I can't go back now
Because I hear your voice in my spirit
I close my eyes, and even though we're far apart
You're the only one who understands
*Realizing the feelings hidden in my eyes
 By a deep sea with nobody around
 In a world where not even the sound of the waves reaches
 Instead of words, a thousand mysteries will unfold
 You'll find a me that you don't know
 My love!
#I love you
 I like your voice
 Do you love me?
 Do you have a girlfriend?
Until yesterday I went along
Not even caring what your name was
But in that instant, time came to a halt
I'm a new person
The key to forever will be locked
In a maze, if there is
Someone in your arms
Sensing the feelings wavering in my eyes
In a green forest with nobody around
In a world where you can't even hear the sound of the wind
I'll give you a single answer with
My lips
Don't bother trying to pretend
You can't hear me
My love!
I love you
I like your voice
Do you love me?
Do you have a girlfriend?
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Mi Amor

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