I love (Myliu)

English translation

I love

I would never though, laugh
A bit from that I haven't sleept already second
Night, squezes time from time squezes
Somewhere where the heart is, then I remember you face
Love, probably I love you
Some strange thrill now in my chest
My love... The heart won‘t fool me, my
Soul from now belogs only for you
I become sad
Without you...
Without you I couldn‘t stand a week
You‘re from the seaside I‘m from capital
You hands caress only once in a week
Chorus (2x)
Hour after hour
There‘s not enough of strengt to wait for meeting day...
I won‘t wait, I can‘t hold
Full tank and I‘m on the road to you
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Niekada nepagalvociau, nepasijuokciau
Truputi is to, kad nemiegojau jau antra
Nakti, spaudzia karts nuo karto spaudzia,
Kazkur ten kur sirdis, prisiminus tavo veida.