We are accustomed to storms (Na oluje navikli smo)


Na oluje navikli smo

Noć je naša sa znako nuđenja
Nosi haljinu ovih ulica
Isti smo u tri sata izjutra
Ni ja kao ti nemam nikoga
Donio sam ružu crvenu
Da nađeš se u njenom mirisu
Mi smo dio ludila
Dok kiša zvoni iznad prozora
Na oluje navikli smo
Nek pjevaju gromovi
Ispuni nam želju svijete
Na miru nas ostavi
Svi sa bogatstvom protračenih dana
S propalim stazom sanjara
Sada svi ispijaju do dna
Šifra ljubavi je ipak u nama
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English translation

We are accustomed to storms

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Night together with the sign of offering
He wears the dress of the street
We are in the same three o'clock in the morning
Neither do I like you have no one
I brought a red rose
To find the scent of her
We are part of the madness
While rain is ringing above the window
We are accustomed to storms
Let sing thunder
Fulfill our wish of all
Leave us alone
All the riches protracenih days
On the trail failed dreamers
Now all drink to the bottom
Password is still love in us
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