Make me forget the world (Nassini el donia)

Russian translation

Make me forget the world

Make me forget the world
Make me forget the world
Melt me darling
And make me tell you the most beautiful things
If a thousand worlds
If a thousand worlds
It wouldn't be possible for me to find a passion like yours
If I tell you I love you
The love would be easy on you
If I'm away from you for a second
I return to missing your eyes
Hold me may you be with me
Cmon let's live the most beautiful days
It was the most beautiful day in my life
A day I never met in my life
I wasn't able to bear without you
I don't think a moment
You found me melting in your love
You took me from everyone
I lived the most beautiful feelings
And I forgot the world with you darling
I raise you from inside me
And this world as my witness
I'm beside you and I love you
I'm not able to forget you darling
I hope the years go on
And I prefer to love you all the way
This I dreamed so often to be with you
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Nassini el donia

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