• Artist: Agit Prop
  • Album: Agit-propin kvartetti laulaa työväenlauluja
  • Song: Natalia
English translation


The country is strange and its spring cold
Natalia, you're feeling cold
So far away is the land of your yearning
Acacia smells in the night already, intoxicating the senses

Tell me again about the country of your youth
Natalia, I listen to you
And I feel your blood's warm flow
When Ukraine makes your frozen heart glow!

The country is strange and its people foreign
Natalia, I don't know you
I just share your part, and a stony cell
And once again you can smell acacia in a dream

But hatred darkens the blueness of your eyes again,
Natalia, when you remember
That a stranger has destroyed your beloved land
Only dogs wander in the ruins, oh Ukraine!

The shadow of the bars shifts to the wind
Natalia, oh do you hear?
The builders' songs can be heard in the night already
They will come back and then Ukraine is free again!

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