Don't waste your time* [ Ne se habi (Не се хаби) ]

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Don't waste your time*

It's hot. It's past 12 already.
I'm bored and I'm drinking whisky at the bar. (And a second one I will add)**
It's hard (harder) to impress a woman like me.
Don't look like this but come and try (to impress me) - you'll hear this:
I don't beg, I don't cry, I don't regret for a man.
In the end you'll be in pain.
Jewellery and dresses I buy by myself.
Don't waste your time to spend money (for me)
You take a look at me /any time/ like I owe you something.
What are you thinking I already guess. I guess it quickly.
Take your chance*** /and this time/ but won't be easy.
If I decide to I could buy you too - I'm capable of doing this, yes.
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Author's comments:

* Literaly "Don't waste yourself"
** There is a spelling mistake in the text. It should be "И второ ще добавя" instead of "И второ ще догаря" wich means "and a second one will burn out"
*** Literaly "Risk with me"

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Ne se habi (Не се хаби)

Горещо е дванайсет отминава,
скучая си с уискито на бара. /И второ ще догаря/
Жена като мен все по-трудно се впечатлява,
не гледай така, а пробвай ела - ще чуеш това.
Не моля, не плача - за мъж не съжалявам,
на края теб ще те боли.
Бижута и рокли сама си ги купувам,


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