Not even to the walls will I confess


nem as paredes confesso


Não queiras gostar de mim
Sem que eu te peça
Nem me dês nada que ao fim
Eu não mereça
Vê se me deitas depois
Culpas no rosto
Isto é sincero
Por que não quero dar-te um desgosto

De quem eu gosto
Nem às paredes confesso
E até aposto
Que não gosto de ninguém
Podes sorrir, podes mentir, podes chorar também
De quem eu gosto
Nem às paredes confesso

Quem sabe se te esqueci
Ou se te quero
Quem sabe até se é por ti
Por quem eu espero
Se gosto ou não afinal
Isso é comigo
Mesmo que penses que me convences
Nada te digo

Try to align

Not even to the walls will I confess

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Don’t wish to love me (don’t think of loving me)
Without me asking you to
Don’t even give me anything which in the end
I don’t deserve

Then see if you can find
Blame / regret on my face
This is sincere (I really mean this)
Because I do not want
To give you reason to be offended/ (feel pain)

The one I love
Not even to the walls will I confess
And I even bet
That I love nobody.

You can smile
You can lie
You can even cry (about the fact that)
The one that I love;
Not even to the walls will I confess

Who knows if I have forgotten you
(Or whether) if I want you
Who knows even if it’s you
That I am waiting for?

Whether I love or not, (in the end)
Is my business
Even if you think
That you can convince me
I (shall) tell you nothing

(the name of) the one I love
Not even to the walls (will I) confess
And I even bet
That I love nobody

Submitted by Neville on Sat, 15/01/2011 - 11:48
Author's comments:

"Algebra's" translation is accurate, but English speaking students of Portuguese sometimes miss out on nuances which may be said differently in English. I have tried to translate line by line and also give a more "English" feel to the lyrics. Some might argue I am splitting hairs here, but it is important to capture the meaning as well as the emotional character of the song and fadista (singer).

For instance "Não queiras gostar de mim" DOES mean 'Do not wish to love me', but a more emotive English translation which captures the 'fado essence' might be "Don’t think of loving me".

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UserPosted ago
algebra     January 15th, 2011

Oh thank you very for that. I really don't mind or get mad when people post alternative translations to the ones I did. Yours just left me speechless Tongue. I like it when natives offer point of views to my language, because surely I can learn so much with that. Well if you're interested in other fado lyrics or want to discuss them, let me know... To lots of them I still haven't found a way to translate to English, although it would be much appreciated. Wink