Not like a leaf in the wind (Nicht wie ein Blatt im Wind)

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Not like a leaf in the wind

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Don't ask me what will be tomorrow,
That lies far beyond the horizon.
And for me only one thing counts:
That I remain true to myself,
No matter what.
I want to live what I dream,
Go the way I choose,
Not regret a moment
And keep to my word.
I want to fight and forgive,
To fall in love, blind with tears,
To be completely myself,
Not like a leaf in the wind.
At some point, the time will come,
When I take my leave of this earth.
Good, if I can then say:
For nothing, was I too proud and too idle.
A leaf that never knows
Where the wind will drive it,
Abandons itself to chance
And stays nowhere for long,
I want never to be,
Lost and alone,
For I believe reality
Is more than a beautiful appearance.
Not like a leaf in the wind,
Not like a leaf in the wind.
Submitted by robert.tucker.794 on Mon, 20/03/2017 - 15:09

Nicht wie ein Blatt im Wind

Frag mich nicht, was Morgen wird,
Das liegt weit hinterm Horizont.
Und für mich zählt eines nur:
Dass ich mir treu bleib,
Ganz egal, was kommt.
Ich will leben, was ich träum,


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Coopysnoopy     March 20th, 2017

I've corrected the German lyrics, you might update your translation.

robert.tucker.794     March 20th, 2017

Many thanks. Done.