It's not true


Nije Istina

Svih tih godina samo sanjam ja
Da ti ljubim lice, prosim ruku, jedina
Ali mi život sve, srušio je sne
Nisam tako htio, ali nisam kraj tebe

Nije istina da te ne volim
Jer se svake noći za te Bogu pomolim
Nije istina da te ne ljubim
Jer se svako jutro s tvojom slikom probudim

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It's not true

All these years I've been dreaming just
About kissing your face, asking for your hand, my only one
But my life crashed everything, it crashed my dreams
I didn't want it to be like that, but I wasn't next to you

It's not true that I don't love you
Because I pray for you every night
It's not true that I don't adore you
Because every morning I wake up with your picture

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