Sinan Sakić - Nije moje srce ludo (English translation)


Nije moje srce ludo

Nisu moje oci krive
ne znam sta im bi
mnoge su ih zavodile
a zavede ti
Nije moje srce ludo
ne znam sta mu bi
ko ptica je poletelo
da ga ranis ti
Nije moja dusa gresna
ne znam sta joj bi
da pristane da samocom
kaznjavas je ti
Submitted by Beni Valentino on Tue, 14/11/2017 - 11:28
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English translation

My heart ain't crazy

It ain't my eyes' fault,
don't know what happened to 'em
Many have seduced them
And so did you
My heart ain't crazy
don't know what happened to it
It took off like a bird
To be wounded by you
My soul ain't sinful
don't know what happened to it
It agreed that you punish it
with solitude
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Author's comments:

Solitude might be replaced with loneliness, but I personally like the word solitude better. Regular smile

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