Little Girl (Nikki Jehi Kudi)

English translation

Little Girl

We went out for a tour in a jeep-like minded friends were having a great time.
We saw bushed on hills. Children clapped their hands on seeing us
At last we found the desired place in a shady spot
There was a hut on the top of bill. What a beautiful sight it was!
We sat atop the hill and looked around at God's creation.
Some were going to city, others just listening to wind's songs
Some wore turbans in style of Sartaaj.
and hang 'Sarpech' (an irani ornament) on it like Maharaja.
Dresses in our finery, we clicked pictures and later put them in our shows
Soon there was dust on spangled shoes and our shawls were caught in thorns
Wandering in jungle, I found a stick, I felt voice of a peahen pierce my heart
I felt I was taking buffaloes out to graze and watching towards sky to God
Coming back we brought the mercy of a little girl carrying a bundle of firewood
She had a polythene bag hanging on her arm, don't know where the poor girl got it from
She had a polythene bag hanging on her arm, don't know where the poor girl got it from
When we passe her she looked prettier than all the beautiful sights around her
We stopped our jeep for her, just to meet her and wish her
When she saw us he got scared and God know where she disappeared
Throwing her firewood and polythene bag she ran away fast, without meeting us
She thought we were probably those guys from whose fields she had gathered the firewood
I was wounded deep in the heart and we left seeing the firewood and polythene.
How happily she must have gathered theses treasures.
But now they were lying discarded on the path by that innocent girl.
I felt that I had committed some grave sin and then I fell silent.
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Nikki Jehi Kudi

eh geet meri jindagi de ika ese khobsoorat hadse naal taluk
rakhda hai...jiss naal main samajhda haan ke meri soch vich
kafi tabdeeli aayi..dar asal tasviran kichan de layi assi ik
jangal ch jana c te raste wich ik pahadi pind vicho jadon assi