I Have Nothing Left (No Me Queda Más)

I Have Nothing Left

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I have nothing left
But to lose myself in an abyss of sadness and tears
I have nothing left
But to accept defeat and wish you happiness
I have nothing left
Your return today would be an impossibility
And this, that wasn't love, that today you deny
What you say never happened
Is the sweetest memory of my life

I once had hope
In the bottom of my soul
That one day you would stay with me
And I kept an illusion
That nourished my heart
My heart that today has to see you only as a friend

And though I lived in love and completely mistaken
I don't care
Because this was the love
On my part, the most beautiful, the biggest love
And though you'll always deny it, for me
It was most the beautiful
It was most the beautiful

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No Me Queda Más

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Lauren     January 21st, 2010

Thanks, glad you enjoy it Smile

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Love it!