no strings attached

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no strings attached (English) — to give or receive something without the expectation of getting anything in return.

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no strings attached — That there are no pre existing conditions or requirements to a particular relationship or agreement

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Translations of "no strings attached"

HungarianMinden feltétel nélkül

"no strings attached" in lyrics

We're both in it and there's no going back
What happens here stays here
No strings attached, nobody will commit here

J Álvarez - Together with dawn

No strings attached
Just free love
No hidden catch
No strings attached
Just free love

Depeche Mode - Freelove

we said
clear words
Being together you and me
no strings attached
without losing the balance
are you afraid it's not like this

Eros Ramazzotti - Almost Love

You say that you want,
All of my love but let's be honest,
We don't need all that,
I like it better with no strings attached.

Good girls do bad things sometimes,

Meiko - Bad Things

Go away

Don't worry about me and go away
I'll disappear, no strings attached
You thought I'd hang onto you
It's disgusting, don't misunderstand

2NE1 - Go Away

but take it easy baby ! it's not for you to fall in love

It's like that , no strings attached
making noises whe we are lying on the floor
you above me and I above you

J Álvarez - Don't be long

It's clear, let's go and kill each other

No strings attached; we finish and check [out]

Echumbarte like rainshowers in May

Tego Calderon - Cosa Buena Cantado

[Verse 1]
I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back
We were sitting down in a restaurant waiting for the check
We had made love earlier that day with no strings attached
But I could tell that something had changed how you looked at me then

Cigarettes After Sex - K

Nobody said it was gonna be easy
But when I forgive there are no strings attached
Was not gonna bring up your flaws in an argument
Not gonna rest on a counter-attack

Maria Mena - My Heart Still Beats

Let me get mine, you get yours
You spend time
Just enough so you get yours, and I get mine
No strings attached
I want your body, not your heart
Let me get mine, you get yours

Christina Aguilera - Get Mine, Get Yours

I'll turn into this woman
That enjoys everything I've always wanted to do
That only seeks for pleasure with no strings attached
That has never cried at your side from so much happiness

Olga Tañón - I'll turn into this woman (*)

You can even hit rock bottom
Have a mid-life crisis and I'll hold it

(And there are no strings attached)
You owe me nothing for giving the love that I give
You owe me nothing for caring the way that I have

Alanis Morissette - You Owe Me Nothing In Return

You don't have to be afraid to fall in love (you don't have to be afraid)
And I know that you've hurt in the past (know that you're hurting)
But if you want it, here's my heart (if you want here's my heart)
No strings attached

'N Sync - No Strings Attached

Wonder of love – Magical glow.

All that I ask is one moment in time
No strings attached, no drawing lines
You fill my thoughts even when you’re not here
I close my eyes, close my eyes and I feel

Kejsi Tola - Carry me in your dreams

<strong>B section; repeat the end of 2nd verse:</strong> strings attached...

Katri Ylander - No Strings Attached

[Verse 2]
Yeah, looking back on it at least my pride is intact
Cause we said no strings attached and I still got tied up in that
Everything that I write is either for her or about her
So I'm with her even when I'm here without her and she know it

Drake - The Motion

Got your sister dancing,
Not the kind that's in a tutu
Got me in control,
No strings attached, that's that voodoo
She said can’t nobody do it better,
I tell her, true true yep bitch true true

Lil Wayne - My Homies Still

But give away love (GIVE IT!)
And give it for free
No strings attached
Just don't ask for it back

Gotye - Learn a Little Givin' and Lovin'

While I fuck away the pain

You hate the way he fooled around behind your back
A slave to him but now with me, no strings attached
But if you wanna use me up and leave me in the bed
If that's what you need go right ahead

Divide The Day - Fuck away the pain

How am I supposed to have time for everyone I just said?
I don't even have time for everything in my head
On my way to see Kim and Ye both tie the knot
Wishin' me and you were no strings attached, but were nots
Man thats drama, drama drama
So deep that call each others mamas' mamas

Big Sean - Win Some, Lose Some

I got so caught up in the moment
That I forgot what it all meant
But still I'd do it all again
You said, "no strings attached, I'm wild"
I didn't know you're in denial
And you became my ball and chain

Hedley - 321

Outside the seven eleven store
Me and my partner Sonny built her straight out of scratch
And he rides with me from town to town
We only run for the money got no strings attached
We set 'em up and then we shut 'em down
Tonight tonight the strips just right

Roger Taylor - Racing in The Street

The Puppet Master is hear again

[P.M.:] "Tonight you will dance for me Puppet Girl
Tonight.. no strings attached"

"But I can't, never did I dance, oh I don't have a

King Diamond - Darkness

I won't be hating,
You got me thinking
I've gotta do my own thing
Ain't no strings attached,
Now I'm feeling free at last,
I just want to sing and dance

Kimberly Wyatt - Not Just A Doll

You might be fine but I don't give a damn

'Cause I'm here with my girls tonight
No strings attached, no guys required
Wanna let my hair down, get out on the town
DJ turn it up nice an' loud

Ricki-Lee - Can't Touch It

I used to be fearless when
I had my safety net
Wake up my heart is beating fast
Cause I got no strings attached
Free to go anywhere, everywhere
It's just that I don't know where

Colbie Caillat - Live It Up

one night fling
coolly downing a shot
then dismiss
With no strings attached
I'm hitting that ass and
she's loving it

Bigtone - Your Girl

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Wake up then, shit, call your ex and make up then
What was no strings attached got tangled when
Fun stopped being fun, and feeling tried to finagle in
We had that independent love, you tried to bring a label in

Big Sean - Sellin Dreams

no strings attached

Because until now you did not notice
How much I loved
Because until now is not going
As you thought

Raphael (España) - no strings attached

Here comes a candle to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head
No strings attached no lies are told
No bones are broke and no dreams are sold

Lizzy Borden - Love Kills

It's all good I wanted that
It's all good I wanted that
No feelings no strings attached
No feelings no strings attached girl

Blackbear - if i could i would feel nothing

I can't sit here and watch you in pain 'cause I was here to save you
And all he did was drop the ball and break you
You say you want somethin' real, girl that makes two of us
So let's vibe, no strings attached, I'm just tryin' to distract you from him
I'ma catch you every time, it's me plus you, just do the math
You'll be fine

Jack & Jack - Distraction

하룻밤 fling
시원하게 원샷 들이키고
바로 dismiss
With no strings attached
I'm hitting that ass and
she's loving it

Bigtone - 네 여자 (Your Girl)

It's really someone again
It happens all the time
Now i've got myself this far
With no strings attached
God gave me wings
You can tell there right on my back

Brittany Flickinger - Story of My Life

Tell me it's a dime
Something easy to get
Kind of a plan for the night
No strings attached
Maybe it's nothing for you
But for me

Lady Pank - As Long As Time Allows

She said, "In honesty, he wasn't fly when I met him"
She said, "You're separate, Kent, you're fly on another level"
I call her melody 'cause I got her hitting falsetto
She said, "No strings attached," so Geppetto had a couple side puppets just to make her feel special
I like girls that niggas look at on the comment
On my mama, Keke Palmer, I'm just bein' honest

DNCE - Blown

Why are you looking at me that way
while I'm dressing without you
remember well this body
that was yours no strings attached
to love and cheat

Kiara - How beautiful

Into the sun
We could be something right
No holding back
No strings attached
Why don't you come closer?

Mandy Capristo - Closer

You're ready all the time!

[Chorus - Akon + (Kelly Rowland)]
I know we ain't got no strings attached
But this could be a perfect match!
And girl, we ain't no cuddy buddies

Verse Simmonds - Boo Thang