You didn't know (No supiste)


No supiste

Ya no me pidas que yo baile,
ya no me pidas que yo cante,
ya no me pidas que celebre nuestro amor,
ya solo quedan las silasas
de tu desprecio y un teson.
Yo te entreque que quedaba
de mi conciencia tonturada
y te servi lo que yo soy.
Para ti,mi unico amor...
Pero tu nosupiste que es amar,
confundiste la verdad
i te perdiste en la arrogancia.
Como tu yo no volvere a encontrar,
ya no me interesa amar.
Solo el cuerpo voy a dar,
pero nunca,nunca...
Mi alma
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English translation

You didn't know

Don't ask me anymore to dance,
Don't ask me anymore to sing,
Don't ask me anymore to praise our love,
There's only ashes
Of your disdain and a log
That make my heart burn
I gave you what remained
Of my tortured conscience
And I gave what I am
For you, my only love
But you didn't know what love is,
You mixed up the truth
You got lost in the arrogance!
I won't find somebody like you
I'm not interested in love anymore
I will just gave my body
But never, never
My soul
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