The living and the dead (Die Lebenden und die Toten)

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The living and the dead

I throw a stone into the water
And it creates no commotion
I see my time
Burst in this world
I sit on the backseat
And I'm happy
That I am not driving
I see what exists
And what has existed
And I think about
The ones who are slowly dying out
I think about the living
And about the dead
About all who have prophets for me
And again and again
I think of you
All the stations of my journey
Fly past me
Everything that's still ahead
I look forward to it
I sit on the backseat
And let myself fall
There's no way back
Only forward
I ask myself at the crossroad
If like changes me
Or am I exactly right?
And how long do I still exist
I still hear your say
Best you always walk across
Keep a seat for me
Because you travel more now
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Die Lebenden und die Toten

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German → English - Steena
fulicasenia     February 22nd, 2015

Thanks for translating! Smile Here are a few suggestions:

For "Und ich denk an die/vom Aussterben bedrohten," a more direct translation would be "And I think about those/who are threatened with extinction."

"Am Besten immer quer." is a bit idiomatic and I would try to find a corresponding English idiom, like "Always go against the grain."

Somehow I get the feeling that the last line is one of those cases where the German uses the present tense where English would use the future tense, and that it should be "because you'll travel more now" or even, I wonder, "because you'll still travel on/farther now" as the opposite of "Du reist jetzt nicht mehr." Ordinarily you wouldn't say it that way in German, but it may have been written a bit strangely in order to rhyme with "quer."