Reik - Invierno (English translation)

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It's raining, it's raining outside
the city is deserted
while you and I take shelter in eternity
I don't feel cold when I'm near you
the sun shines inside me.
The sky is falling, and so what?
We have our world
the day will still be clear
if we are together
Nothing else matters
it'll never be winter here,
So much noise, so much solitude
people running, without ever stopping
behind the door, this universe of endless peace
I need the quiet that you give me.
Clouds, wind, fear, rain
gray moonless nights, another dark winter
(one more winter)
you kiss me, you heal me
your warmth and tenderness don't let it in
Submitted by Sandy on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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