I Wish I Hadn't Loved You (Sevmez Olaydım)

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I Wish I Hadn't Loved You

I thought that every heart knows how to love
That's why I loved, I wish I hadn't
It was by accident, what can you do?*
I've been drawn to you, I wish I hadn't
It is as if your eyes rose to my eyes like the sun
It is as if your words warmed my soul
All I've been longing for was a warm home
That's why I loved you, I wish I hadn't
I've been hurt, become the latest gossip
While I was flying with happiness I fell to the ground
Not only to you I'm angry to everything
I've been deceived, what a shame, I wish I hadn't loved you
Submitted by Jansay on Wed, 20/06/2012 - 16:20
Author's comments:

*"What can you do?" this is rhetorical; it implies despair.

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Sevmez Olaydım

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