Du spinnst doch

English translation

Du spinnst doch

Why did she have to choose you
Why have you always spouted such rubbish
Why is so little of it true
That I don't know, only it is clear to me:

You're nuts
You have a screw loose
Du spinnst doch total!

Why do you say
we should tighten our belts
Why are you the fattest of us all
Why do you only consider yourself so clever
That I don't know, but I know one thing for sure

I can't trust you
that would make no sense
sometimes I wan't to beat you up
because I am so angry

Why have you forgotten
to whom you owe your power
Why do so many people only have fear (of you)
Why have you so overestimated yourself
That I don't know, but one thing I do now know

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Du spinnst doch

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