Vicious Cycle (Nõiaring)

English translation

Vicious Cycle

I don't have any fierce clothes,
though I've often tried them on in the store
I don't have enough money,
though I've wished for wages
I don't have enough talent,
I haven't really scored in marketing
Maybe I don't look too credible,
I haven't wanted to buy new clothes
It's a vicious cycle - cycle, cycle, cycle
I don't have a big German car,
though I'd like to get a lease
I don't have a friend on the lease,
but I'll try to find them in the club
I don't have a pass to the club,
so I should've held up a bank
I don't have a robbery plan,
because I need a car for it, after all!
It's a vicious cycle - cycle, cycle, cycle
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