Vicious Cycle (Nõiaring)



Mul ei ole ägedaid riideid,
kuigi tihti olen poes neid proovinud.
Mul ei ole piisavalt raha,
kuigi palka olen juurde ma soovinud.
Mul ei ole piisavalt annet,
turunduses pole väga ma skoorinud.
Ma ei näe vist väga usutav välja,
uusi riideid olen osta ma soovinud.
See on nõiaring - ring, ring, ring
Mul ei ole suurt Saksa autot,
kuigi liisingut saada ma soovisin.
Mul ei ole liisingus sõpru,
kuigi klubis neid leida ma proovisin
Mul ei ole klubisse asja,
kui siis enne peaks panka ma röövima
Mul ei ole röövimisplaani,
sest autot selle jaoks ju vajan ma.
See on nõiaring - ring, ring, ring
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English translation

Vicious Cycle

I don't have any fierce clothes,
though I've often tried them on in the store
I don't have enough money,
though I've wished for wages
I don't have enough talent,
I haven't really scored in marketing
Maybe I don't look too credible,
I haven't wanted to buy new clothes
It's a vicious cycle - cycle, cycle, cycle
I don't have a big German car,
though I'd like to get a lease
I don't have a friend on the lease,
but I'll try to find them in the club
I don't have a pass to the club,
so I should've held up a bank
I don't have a robbery plan,
because I need a car for it, after all!
It's a vicious cycle - cycle, cycle, cycle
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