I Am Not She (Non sono lei)

English translation

I Am Not She

I have had you here, in my arms,
Here..you were..
Stubborn like a dictated law
Till yesterday.

Like the wind brings away
The things which don't weight anything,
One moment was enough to us,
It has separated us.

I am not like she
Who never protests,
Loves as you are,
Does not contradict.
I am not like she
Who waits when you'll come,
She justifies you, unhappy.
I am not she.

I have chosen to continue now,
Lighting up just a small light for myself.
You know, it's possible to sparkle,
Better than on the sun.

Like the wind I put away
The things which are heavy for me
If I orientate myself, I will go
Because I know it.

I am not like she,
Who never comes off,
Who fallows where you are
Like an item.
I am not like you want,
A deceit, and could never
Say you a lie
Without respect.

Read the warning:
I am not she any more,
I have other demands
In which you are not present.

(I am not like she)
Which never protests,
Loves you as you are,
Does not contradict.
I am not like she,
Who waits when you will come,
She justifies you.
( I am not like she),
Who devotes herself to you,
(Never rebels),
I am not she any more.

Put in a frame,
(I am not she)
(I am not she)

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