Now We are Free


Now We Are Free

Anol shalom
Anol sheh lay konnud de ne um {shaddai}
Nom de leesh
Ham de nam um das
La um de

We de ze zu bu
We de sooo a ru
Un va-a pesh a lay
Un vi-I bee
Un da la pech ni sa
Un di-I lay na day
Un ma la pech a nay
Mee di nu ku

(Fast tempo, 4 times)
La la da pa da le na da na
Ve va da pa da le na la dumda

Anol shalom
Anol sheh ley kon-nud de ne um.
M-ai shondol-lee
Flavu… {Live on…}
Lof flesh lay
Nof ne
Nom de lis
Ham de num um dass
La um de
Shom de nomm
Ma-lun des
Alas sharum du koos
Shaley koot-tum.

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Submitter's comments:

It's written in a language made up by Lisa Gerrard.

See video
Try to align

Now We are Free

Healing to me
And freely to you from Sol Omnipotens
Wings of Joy
Warmth of Day,
Sun of Dawn
O Sun of Yellow,

The Son of Righteousness,
Son of Morning Light,
Shine high and below!
Shine Aeonion!
Shine now, O Great I AM!
Shine now, O He Who Was!
Shine now, O Great to Come!
Now we are Free!

(Fast tempo, 4 times)
One the One now whom he was to be!
And the One by whom we now do all see

Healing to me;
Healing to you now freely from Sol:
For all the world too
Live on
Rays below,
Come now,
Wings of Joy
Warmth of Day, Sun of Dawn;
The Sun of
Flame by Day
From Our Lord
True Sun of Liberty
Healing you free.

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Please help to translate "Now We Are Free"
    August 24th, 2009

Enya writes in the Gaelic language because she's IRISH.

    September 19th, 2009

Why are people saying Enya sings this?
There are only two singers who perform it:
Lisa Gerard, who did it for the motion picture Gladiator,
And Lisa Kelly, for the release by Celtic Woman.

I don't know about the translation, but Hebrew makes sense.

    August 25th, 2009

to begin with, the "unknown" language is Hebrew, and the translation is way off the chart, Anol Shalom is translated to "Almighty Freedom" think this might help a bit.

Almighty Freedom
Almighty freer of the soul
Be free
Walk with me
Through the golden fields
So lovely

We regret our sins, but...
We sew our own fate and
Under my face I remain feeble
Under my face, I smile


Even alone/afraid
Under my face I will be waiting

Run with me now soldier of Rome
Run and play in the field with the ponies
Run with me now soldier of Rome
Run and play in the field with the ponies
Run with me now soldier of Rome
Run and play in the field with the ponies
Run with me now soldier of Rome
Run and play in the field with the ponies

Almighty Freedom
Almighty freeer of the soul
Be free
Be free
And imagine
Free with peace at last
It's lovely
It's lovely, this land
No one can believe or understand
How far I came just for my lovely family
I should have been there
with them when the world crashed down
But now they rest with me.

I'll never forget
How I felt that moment
I became free.

    October 1st, 2009

ummm to clarify the last comment....Lisa Gerard IS the lead singer of Enya

viki.johnson     November 4th, 2013

That's quite impressive, considering the fact that Enya is a person

Jonathon Mirza     March 28th, 2015

I suppose Enya has split personality disorder ?
Though that said if you know of a secret band called Enya please do share otherwise En ya face !!!

    October 29th, 2009

The further clarify the initial clarification: Enya (born as Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin) is not Lisa Gerrard. While you correctly state that Enya is Irish, Lisa Gerrard is Australian. Lisa was part of the group Dead Can Dance back in the 80's. Lisa Kelly, as correctly stated, is part of the Celtic Woman ensamble.

    January 3rd, 2010

This piece here Is not Latin
not Hebrew
not anything not a real language at all
Its like the language of heaven... for when we hear it we feel that all the unimportant trash has ended and a new thing has just began...
something we feel we cant explain... something that we seem to have waited for without knowing ... something pure in your brain that u are pleased to have and will be broken when u know the real meaning since the supposed meaning in your head is much more fantastic and much more Vast than the real Meaning you will be going to hear...
So Take it as it is and Leave it in peace without translation my friends... for this type of ultimate songs... takes you to Paradise without knowing its Real Language...

    January 4th, 2010

Come on. See the truth. :biggrin: No matter if Lisa says there is a made up own language. I think is a lie. She says is a language from her heart to speak with god and she says she speak this language since her 12 years. All this stuff looks like a big lie when you see words like shaddai or shalom, with a strong mean in Hebrew. This "made up" languages looks like weird prays formed by words in several languages. I think is the same with the song "Adiemus" by Karl Jenkins. This guy says his song is made up language but the people search and found means for the weird language. It smells bad. I wonder if this kind of New Age music is transmited for canalization or automatic writing. I know sounds strange but this kind of things really happens. Angry

kimmycat78     May 26th, 2010

To everyone out there who wants to know what language this song is written and sung in, I can tell you!
This song is in fact, written and sung in Hebrew.

mr.grenade99     January 4th, 2011

its in latin

lifestream     February 15th, 2011

It's definitely not Latin.

U know who     September 4th, 2011

i could identify/translate 2-3 words, they're Hebrew, & it make sense.

pachi     December 16th, 2011

Really??? The song is beautiful. However, its meaning its not transcendental. What we should make sure to translate correctly is the bible. I would just enjoy the song and reserve that eagerness to understand the true meaning of words to the bible, as well as understanding all of its different translations and the importance to understand the truth. Smile

Calusarul     December 16th, 2011

I have no clue, I'm just saying: maybe it is neither Latin, nor Hebrew, maybe it's Ladin

Melinda J     April 14th, 2013

Gerrard sings many of her songs, such as "Now We Are Free", "Come Tenderness", "Serenity", "The Valley of the Moon", "Tempest", "Pilgrimage of Lost Children", "Coming Home" and "Sanvean" in Glossolalia also known as tongues.

Junia1810     April 30th, 2013

It is hilarious and bizarre that the poster is trying to claim this is Irish. What are you doing?! You just sat there making up this translation and tried to pass yourself off as an expert of obscure Celtic languages and assumed nobody would question it? Not that obscure you dope, any Irish person would recognize at a glance that this is not Irish. The "translation from the Irish" of La la da pa da le na da na Ve va da pa da le na la dumda, oh my god so funny. this is the most stupid thing iv ever seen. And others are claiming definitively that it's Latin, still more offering direct translations into hebrew. But my favourite bit of BS is the "clarification" that Lisa Gerrard is the lead singer of Enya. Haaaaaaa! Best thread of comments for arrogant ignorance I've seen in a long time.

HnZm     July 16th, 2013

Interview with Lisa Gerrard:

...The rest of the vocals, sung with sounds rather than in a conventional language, are an example of melismatic singing. "It's a language invented within the music, inherently, and the words mean more than I can say in English", she says. "The way I sing is not new; it's been around since the beginning of time, and it's something all children are born with. It's not unique to me, but for some reason I never lost the ability".

tommyj     December 17th, 2013

You are all wrong! Its a made up language Lisa Gerrard made up to communicate with god through song....she said so in an interview. If you try and translate it from Hebrew to English its just jiberish

Istaqa     December 7th, 2014


Istaqa     December 7th, 2014


Istaqa     December 7th, 2014


Istaqa     December 7th, 2014

made up

Istaqa     December 7th, 2014


Istaqa     December 7th, 2014

good sounding song, all that matters is how it makes ya feel

Useful89     March 20th, 2015

It's melismatic singing, a form of vocal performance that is not in any actual language. The sounds you are attributing words to are simply that; sounds. They are used to reach certain notes with your voice--effectively using your voice as an instrument, much like a trumpet, drum, violin, or anything else, really.

There is no meaning. The 'words' are effectively gibberish. You are trying to put words to random sounds, and that's why the 'original text' makes no sense in any language. It's like trying to translate 'la-dee-da' or 'hum-dee-dum'. Or 'Zip-a-dee-doo-da', for that matter. They mean nothing, and to attribute meaning to them is a pointless endeavour. Please stop, it's just painful to watch you all argue like this.

Jonathon Mirza     March 28th, 2015

In nearly every form of Aramaic, singing often sounds very choral, this is because in old times they would have a group of 40 or so people singing in the different octaves that were most suited to their voices. this is the principle reason for church music sounding the way it does today.

You have a bunch of 40 choral singers singing in Aramaic next to a Melismatic Choir it will sound totally different apart from the Chantey.
The chantey is often used in Traditional Aramaic singing as a way of giving thanks to god. The singer sings louder as if to speak directly with god and looks up traditionally offering wine and bread though, though offerings of water and food and food can also be made. In East Africa one of the longest chanteys was sung by 7000 people who each prepared food and drink as offerings for the chantey. It was to commemorate the death of a village elder's daughter who had died given birth.

Melismatic singing is not known to go on for more than a few minutes, were as a chantey in an Aramaic song can be anything from 2 minutes to years as was the chantey in East Africa it was kept going by 600 singers who took 4 hour shifts in groups of 40 to continue the chantey 24/7 for the full 2 years. It was completed in 1571
Historians predict that had the entire thing been recorded it would be just under 12 Peta Bytes of digital data storage.

Jonathon Mirza     March 28th, 2015

The language to me sounds Hebrew I know a few bits of Latin and Greek and not one word sung in the song sounded anything like Latin or Greek. This said it also sounds a little like Yehud Medinata a Language belonging to the family of Aramaic which was developed in 1100BC- 200AD (old Aramaic) and is still used to this day now known as modern Amaraic.

It was the language that Jesus probably spoke and is the root language for most European languages.
This would have been the first language spoken by the Romans, the Spanish and the French.

So I find it hard to belive that Yehud Medinata is not in fact the language of the song since the film uses Roman, and Spanish characters and scenes from both Spain and France.
I find it more than a coincidence that Lisa Kelly is the only other person to sing this considering she has Celtic heritage and that as the Canaanite countries fell over time many survives often went looking for new lands of peace and prosperity that would bring lush fertile harvests and the promise of a so called Eden. Many of them found Europe.

I am certain that this song is telling the story of a societies journey to search for freedom from tyrinary war and oppression. I am no good at translating but I have a talent for identifying language.
If anyone is wandering Hebrew, All the African Languages and Egyptian are all of shoots of Aramaic with differences in syntax, Grammar, dialect and vocabulary.