Ultima Thule - Nu Grönskar Det (English translation)

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Now the valley embraces us

Now the valley embraces us with greenery
With scented meadows and mountainsides (1)
Come, come with us on a hiking trip
In the happy time of spring
Each day is like a golden bowl
Filled to the brim with wine
So drink my friend, drink sunshine and fragrance
Since the day is yours
Far away from the grey city houses
We happily go our way
And follow the path's white ribbon
into a shining adventure
With eyes wide open let us behold
the richness of life
As everything sprouts and blossoms
When spring is in bloom
(repeat Verse 1)
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Author's comments:

(1) cannot find "lid" in any swedish dictionary, but "li" seems to mean "mountainside or valley"


Nu Grönskar Det

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