Where is She? (Où est-elle ?)

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Where is She?

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Gringoire, what have you done with your wife,
Whom we no longer see dancing at Notre Dame?
I don't know anything about it, to be honest.
You are a priest, and me, a poet.
About wives we don't have
The same religion, the same poetry.
Where is she,
Your Esmeralda?
The streets of Paris
Are sad without her.
She is alone
In a tower
Far from those who fear
That they'll be bewitched
What do you mean, poet?
You have a forked tongue!
Don't pirouette around the question
Tell me if you've seen her
Where is she,
My Esmeralda?
The Court of Miracles
Has lost its queen.
She is like
A swallow
Who has had
Both wings clipped.
You will find her
At the prison called La Santé
If you do not save her
She will be condemned
To be hanged
Tell me no more.
Where is she,
Our Esmeralda?
The streets of Paris
Are sad without her.
She is like
A swallow
That has had
Both wings clipped.
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Où est-elle ?

Gringoire qu'as-tu fait de ta femme ?
Qu'on ne voit plus danser à Notre-Dame
Je n'en sais rien pour être honnête
Vous êtes prêtre et moi poète
Nous n'avons pas des femmes


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French → English - Ravariel
    August 23rd, 2012

Nous n'avons pas des femmes / La même religion, la même poésie -> we don't have the same religion and poetry about women
"we don't have wives" would be "nous n'avons pas *de* femmes"

Except for this detail, your translation flows much more freely than mine. I shall watch and learn from the Natives Smile.

Ravariel     August 23rd, 2012

Ohhh! I've liked this song for a long time and that line has always, always confused me. (Didn't help that I was hearing it wrong at first.) And duh, "des femmes" not "de femmes." Oops. I'll edit to put it in correctly.

Thank you very much for the correction and the compliment! Mutual learning is a fantastic thing.