O Koutalianos (Ο Κουταλιανός)

lyrics: Levtheris Papadopoulos
music: Manos Loizos

Σίδερα μασάει ο Κουταλιανός.
Τρένα σταματάει ο Κουταλιανός.
Πέτρες ροκανίζει ο Κουταλιανός
και βουνά γκρεμίζει ο Κουταλιανός.

Κι αν μασάει σίδερα και κάνει το λιοντάρι,
στο τσαρδί του ο Κουταλιανός
τρέμει σαν το ψάρι στην κυρά του μπρος.
Αχ ,πώς τη φοβάται ο φτωχός Κουταλιανός,
τρέμει σαν το ψάρι στην κυρά του μπρος,
αλλά μην το πείτε κανενός.

Δένεται σε κόμπους ο Κουταλιανός.
Καταπίνει γλόμπους ο Κουταλιανός
Είναι παλικάρι ο Κουταλιανός
Τίγρη και λιοντάρι ο Κουταλιανός.

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He chews iron, Koutalianos
he stops trains, Koutalianos
he gnaws rocks, Koutalianos
and he tears down mountains, Koutalianos

And if he chews iron and acts like the lion
in the shack of Koutalianos
he trembles like a fish in front of his lady.
Ach, how he fears her, poor Koutalianos,
he trembles like a fish in front of his lady,
but don't tell anyone.

He's tied in knots, Koutalianos
he swallows globes, Koutalianos
he's a brave lad, Koutalianos
tiger and lion, Koutalianos

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UserPosted ago
marinos253 years 25 weeks
marinos25     October 5th, 2011

Oh, thank you for your instantly answere on my request and welcome in our community!! You really make a great job and I hope you'll like it and have fun here!!! Wink

One small suggestion only: 'Koutalianos' after the comma seems a little bit strange to me in english. Isn't it a better syntax, when you put 'Koutalianos' inside the sentence, like this: "Koutalianos chews iron, Koutalianos stops trains" and so on? Or is it a right syntax, when you write: "he chews iron, the Koutalianos"? Or maybe "..., he, Koutalianos"?
Oh, I found something more: "κι αν μασάει" in the refrain means "(ακόμα) κι αν μασάει", so it must be "even when..." instead of "if", but the rest is really great!

My tip for you for the beginning: on "More information about formatting options" in the edit-mode you can find useful functions for effectivly design of your text.
It were nice and more complete for the readers of your text if you ad some useful informations for the song/songwriter/history or meaning of the song, for better understanding Cool