Diana Haddad - Ya Wagt (يا وقت) (English translation)


Ya Wagt (يا وقت)

يا وقت
قول اش صار فيك
قسيت حتى قلوبنا
جبت لنا في الدنيا شريك
جبته يفرق بيننا
كنا بخير
كنا بهنا
وحب وسلام
بس في الاخير
ماعدنا من ظلمك ننام
ماصرنا نوثق في احد
ونخاف حتى مننا
والحب مادام ابتعد
وش باقي في الدنيا لنا
قول ايش صارِ فيك
ناس الخيانة بدمهم
والغدرِ اصبح همهم
ونفوسهم دايم ظلام
تشبه سواد قلوبهم
وش سر هذا اللي حصل
لما الدخيل بنا دخل
كل جرح بوصوله وصل
شتت وفرق شملنا
قول ايش صارِ فيك
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English translation

Oh Time

Oh time
Tell me what happened to you
You made even our hearts callous
You put someone between us
Someone who would separate us
We used to be fine,
in bliss
love and peace
But in the end
we no longer sleep because of your unfairness
We no longer trust anyone
And fear even ourselves
And now that love has gone far away
What remains of life for us?
Oh time
Oh time
Oh time
Tell me what happened to you
There are people in whose blood betrayal flows
And treachery is all they think about
And their souls are always dark
Similar to their black hearts
What is the secret to what has happened?
When this intruder came between us,
Every wound that came by
separated us and pulled us apart
Oh time
Tell me what happened to you
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