Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Olacak olacak)

English translation

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

I can't stand this betrayal,
there's a hatred within me.
I haven't expect this debacle,
be patient my heart.
I can't endure this disappearings,
that coward flees.
I can't ignore this ignorance,
no, you can't hush just like that.
he's such a impassive,
that is going too far.
you've made your bed now lie in it.
I'm gonna forget my pain and take my revenge,
at that point he will understand my power.
someone's gonna take his place, too.
I believe in destiny; whatever will be, will be...

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Olacak olacak

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thank you sooooo much

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you're welcome

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The lyrics have been updated, you may want to change your translation accordingly.