Dolorosa lyrics



Olavi Virta -Dolorosa
Kun ensi kerran sinut kohtasin
ja silmin mua katsoit sinisin
Kohtalos omaksein tunsin,
olin maan onnellisin.
Kun kerallani silloin astelit,
en tiennyt että minut hylkäisit.
Unelmain kaikki on luhistuneet,
pilvilinnat sortuneet.
Nyt elän ain muistelmissain,
kauas kun läksit pois
Yksin oon ain ma aatoksissain,
elo kuin kahle ois
Kun kerran auer yöksi tummentuu,
tuol taivahalle tähdet asettuu
Ma kuvastasi yksin lohdun saan,
mulle tarkoituksetont' on kaikki muu.
Quickish translation:
When I met you for the first time
and looked into your blue eyes
I felt you destiny/fate was mine,
I was the happiest person on this earth.
When you walked with me then.
I didn’t know that you would abandon me.
All my dreams have been crushed,
castles in the air have come crumbling down.
Now I’ll live forever in my memories,
since you have gone far away.
I’m always alone with my thoughts,
life feels like a chore (literally: life feels like a shackle/chain).
As the evening mist darkens to night,
the stars will appear up there in the sky.
Your picture is the only thing that consoles me/ gives me comfort/solace,
everything else is meaningless to me.
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