Olya [ Olya (Оля) ]

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You have, you have, you have eyes,
I will not have brake anymore
Answer, answer: "I am faithful to you".
I'll present you the white set.
Run away, keep your brains.
I have a feeling, if I saw your.
You're full of, that full of.
Come on, retreat, retreat, retreat, retreat.
Don't hurt, don't hurt, don't hurt, my leg.
I don't like when you've soldiers at your dance
I'll tear off, tear off, tear off, tear off,
Tear off, tear off, tear off Kolyan.
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Author's comments:

Olya - is a name
Kolyan - is a name
6th line - there's exactly "your". You can just imagine, what.

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FokkerTISM4 years 39 weeks

Olya (Оля)

У тебя, у тебя, у тебя - глаза,
Я иметь не буду больше тормоза.
Отвечай, oотвечай: "Я верна тебе".
Белый набор подарю тебе.
Вон беги, береги мозги.
У меня есть ощущенье, если вижу твои.
Набита ты, набита та.
Давай, oступай, oступай, oступай, oступай.