Grandma's boy (Omaboy)

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Grandma's boy

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I refused military service, so I had to do the civilian service
Going to the nursing home for one and a half year
Everything went according to the plan, never did I complain
Finally all my dreams came true
Because when I see snow-white hair, then I run into the danger
Of nearly forgetting myself due to love and longing
Because in our world where only beauty and youth count
I am obsessed with the love of old women
The older, the better!
When I count their varices on formless swollen legs
Their breast hanging down on the belly, that's what I call well-built
Dulled yes, bad breath from the bilestones
Strong make-up on the hanging skin
Models in straps are nice, but I get a real kick
From withering thighs packed into supporting thights
Because when I see snow-white hair ...
They are so endlessly more experience in love matters
Do you know which kind of feelings stir in them?
I will see new regions of love
Because today I'll lay
One of them
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ich hab mich dem Bund verweigert, Zivildienst war angesagt
ins Altenheim für anderthalb Jahr', ohoho
alles ging voll nach Planung, nie hätt ich mich beklagt
endlich wurden all meine Träume wahr
denn seh ich schneeweißes Haar, ja dann lauf ich gefahr
mich vor Liebe und Sehnsucht fast zu vergessen
denn in dieser unseren Welt wo Schönheit und Jugend nur zählt


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