Only Your Face In Remembrance


Ormayil Nin Mukham Mathram

Singer : M.G. Sreekumar
Album : Christ

Ormayil nin mukham mathram
Orkkumpol manam kulirunnu
Mizhikalil snehamozhukunnu
Yeshuve jeeva dayaka
Jeevitham ninnil ekunnu
Nin hitham njaan innariyunnu

Ullinullil sneham mathram pakarunnone
Enneyennum kanmaniyai karuthunnone
Omana kuttanakkuvan natha
Ente koode nee varename..(2)

Nee varum vazhiyarikil ninneyum kaathirunnu
Ninte divya vachanangal ere kothichirunnu......(2)
Andhanakum en nayanam nee thurannallo
Dhanyamai innente jeevitham yeeshoe
Nanniyere chollidunnithaaaa


Thinmaye nanmayal jayikkanam ennucholli
Snehathinte paadangal nee pakarnneki......(2)
Shathruvine snehikkan arul cheythavane
Ninte sneham pangu vachidaam Karthave
Ninte saakshi aayi maaridam...


Try to align

Only Your Face In Remembrance

Singer : M.G. Sreekumar
Album : Christ

Only your face in my remembrance
When I remember, mind become joy
And Love flows on my eyes
Jesus, the life giver, I submit
My life to your hands
And I know your will today

You are one who pours love in heart
And protects me as pupil of eye
Come with me, oh Master to make me a beloved son

I have waited for you on the way you come
I desired your divine words most
You have opened my eyes from blindness
Now I am blessed and I am grateful to you

You told me to overcome evil with goodness
And taught me the lessons of love
As you commanded to Love the enemy
I will share your love
And live for you as a witness

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