Avenger (Osvetnica)

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She was the most beautiful woman
let me cut to the chase, in a couple of words
I said to myself the same moment:
"It's the right woman for me"
Night was fiery and passionate
we were pretty imaginative
I can meet a thousand of other girls
but never a grl like her, never better
Chorus 2x:
And when I gave her my heart
I didn't want to believe
she told me: "C'mon, forgive me,
he cheated on me with another woman"
And when I gave her my heart
she took off her mask
only then I discovered:
an avenger was kissing me
I've never seen her again,
a woman as beautiful as a picture
only the Moon will keep a secret
of a lover and an avenger
Chorus 2x
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Ona je bila najljepša žena
da skratim priču, u par riječi
rekoh u sebi istoga trena
to je za me' prava žena
Noć je bila vatrena, stresna
pustili sve smo mašti na volju
ja mogu sresti tisuće drugih


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