out of the blue

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out of the blue (English) — If something happens out of the blue, it is completely unexpected.

English, explained by runafes on Sat, 29/12/2012 - 20:14
"Like it just dropped out of the sky." - BuenSabor 4 years ago

out of the blue — Κάτι απροσδόκητο

Greek, explained by SoPink on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 17:01

out of the blue — Εκεί που δεν το περιμένεις

Greek, explained by Guest on Thu, 07/12/2017 - 22:18

out of the blue — Έξαφνα απ' το πουθενά

Greek, explained by Guest on Thu, 07/12/2017 - 23:32

out of the blue — Как снег на голову, неожиданно

Russian, explained by renoz on Sun, 15/10/2017 - 17:54

out of the blue — Neočekivano, iznenada. Iz čista mira. Iz vedra neba. Naprečac. Iznebuha. Kao da je pao sa neba.

Serbian, explained by sajlovicnatasa on Mon, 01/05/2017 - 16:12

out of the blue — Olması beklenmeyen olay.

Turkish, explained by alcest on Tue, 08/11/2016 - 19:47

Translations of "out of the blue"

BulgarianКато гръм от ясно небе
Bulgarian #1, #2, Croatian, Serbian
Croatianiz vedra neba
Estoniannagu välk selgest taevast
Estoniannagu maa alt
FrenchComme un coup de foudre dans un ciel serein
FrenchÀ l'improviste
GermanWie ein Blitz aus heiterem Himmel
GreekΣτα καλά καθούμενα
GreekΣτα ξεκούδουνα
HungarianDerült égből
ItalianDi punto in bianco
ItalianImprovvisamente\ Dal nulla
Kurdish (Kurmanji)لەپڕێك دا
Kurdish (Kurmanji)لەناكاو
Persianغيره منتظره
Polishjak grom z jasnego nieba
Romaniandin senin
English #1, #2, Romanian
RussianКак гром среди ясного неба
Serbiankao grom iz vedra neba
Slovakako blesk z jasného neba
SloveneKot strela z jasnega
SpanishCaer algo como una bomba
TurkishBirden bire

"out of the blue" in lyrics

We were born and raised in a summery haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it
I hoped you’d see my face & that you’d be reminded

Adele - Someone Like You

So many adventures couldn't happen today,
So many songs we forgot to play,
So many dreams swinging out of the blue,
We'll let 'em come true.

One Direction - Forever Young

only the ticking of the clock is breaking the silence of the room
it's like i don't want to believe that she is never coming back

one day out of the blue, here in my room she told me she's leaving
i didn't say a thing cause i didn't want to hurt her feelings

Morteza Pashaei - some one

I could've chose anybody but I chose you
Oh, oh
Help me get better, you pull me right out of the blue
Oh oh
And daddy don't like you but daddy, I never speak

James Arthur - Roses

How my heart missed beating like this
I even forgot where it is for a while
Sometimes life wants to give the things that it took away
Miracles always comes out of the blue like this

Thank you for keeping it safe

Ebru Gündeş - White

In other words, it's just broken
In other words, it just danced in the wind
From your eyes a lone sparkle trickles
Ah, clear sky out of the blue
If it's just pain it's evenly divided, yeah... it's gotta be
That's our color

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - A Flower Called "You"

So many adventures given up today, [fn]sounds like: "So many adventures couldn't happen today"[/fn]
So many songs we forgot to play.
So many dreams winging out of the blue
Oh, let it come true!

Alphaville - Forever Young

I said, "no, not now."

Sometimes, one should cry without wearing out any word
You know, out of the blue, you know, without a reason.
Love has names that are spoken in one's sleep, then surely forgetten
But I said, "no, not now."

Kolpa - How Did You Learn To Forget?

I love you, y darling
Like partings and returns
When out of the blue bells ring
Setting me afire
I love you

Maanam - I love you, my darling

Like our`s
is One in a Million
The life is a Roulette
How out of the blue
came out the right Bet
Just you have Betted

Sarit Hadad - You`re a Top Gun

Uhh ch ch ch ch

Life’s too short to even care at all oh
I’m coming up now coming up now out of the blue
These zombies in the park they’re looking for my heart
Oh oh oh oh

Young The Giant - Cough Syrup

My baby there's always solitude
Solitude for a life time

You should pop into my mind out of the blue
I should forget you from time to time
I should secretly be curious about you


A dirty salty kiss
All down the bed like this
Something for you
Coming out of the blue,
Freeze frame slow-motion
I am breaking the taboo

Guesch Patti - Etienne

Out of the blue and into the black
They give you this, but you pay for that
And once you're gone, you can never come back
When you're out of the blue and into the black

The king is gone but he's not forgotten

Neil Young - Hey hey, my my (into the black)

I love you!
as much as you're forbidden to me, I'd die for you
I love you!
I couldnt reject; You came into my life out of the blue
This was my last chance for love
I always ask why you're not by my side

Günce Yorgancılar - I Love You

We'll be living, we'll be fighting
We'll never surrender.

The danger turns up out of the blue
And everything is turning to dust
And I can see your face,

Doro Pesch - Heart's blood

I never done good things
I never done bad things
I never did anything out of the blue
Want an axe to break the ice
I want to come down right now

David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes

But when I open my swollen eyes
nothing is in my power
and reality hits me like a bolt out of the blue


Ceca - Chaos

Oh, oh

And I think sometimes I tend to be my own worst enemy
And maybe someday I’m gonna catch a shooting star falling out of the blue
Doing what I do

Sabrina Carpenter - Can't Blame a Girl for Trying

Didn't sleep in the nights.
I didn't know,
That my past love
Will return to life out of the blue ,
When I saw him again.

Sofia Rotaru - I did love him

what had happened to me
I asked myself
how had she come to this
and one night out of the blue
it answered me that it's

Despina Vandi - Ten days ten nights

Everyone should be happy, I agree
and laugh and sing every night, like you and me
yet pain and sorrows appear out of the blue
So there must be in the samba lonely sighs
so she remains like a dawn that will not rise

Pierre Barouh - Samba Saravah (English version)

Who is it who had the crazy idea
to invent school?
Who had this idea
to invent school out of the blue?

It's this naughty Charlemagne.

France Gall - Naughty Charlemagne

I’m loosing control
My heart stop – stops
When I get close to you
Like lightning striking out of the blue
Young love, It’s still in my sleep,
But so what, If you’re feeling me

Big Time Rush - Young Love

As long as you saw the sea, heart (of mine)
to dry out, to not have water anymore
to swim, to fish;
and out of the blue, death came to the plains
and as long as you saw all these
only then I would leave you with terrible pain;

Gigi D'Alessio - Night of crooked moons

If one of us is lying
There's no use in trying
No need to pretend
Falling out of a perfect dream, coming out of the blue

Is it true?

Yohanna - Is It True

There are rich days
I feel, with you
luck has cast an eye on me
Emerging from out of the blue
Like an image created by gods
Heaven has sent you

Sportfreunde Stiller - The Present

Oh my heart is spinning like a wheel
Only she can see the way that I fell
Eyes are holding right across the room
High explosion coming out of the blue

Well here we go again

Chris de Burgh - High On Emotion

i almost got over you

when in another booth i saw you sitting
like something hit me out of the blue
same as the first time i left without trump
when our eyes met

Ana Kokić - Suddenly

giving kisses to the man who one day stole her from him

Out of the blue, I stole what he loved most
Out of the blue, he promised he'd take care of her

Andy y Lucas - Out of the Blue

Like A Lightning Storm From
Out Of The Blue
You Made Them Believe
You Came From Up Above

Agnes Carlsson - Like God

Bunch of kids looking like they've gone frantic

Caps whirling 'round my head full three-sixty
degrees, out of the blue we're so nineties
But hey the thing on you yesterday
will be mine tomorrow is that okay

Jare & VilleGalle - What do ya know about it

Like escapees with nowhere to go
I can think of a thousand ways
To get good and lost beyond these hopeless days
When we'll rendevouz out of the blue
And take a deep breath, just we two
And we'll be so far gone, the oars will row on

Owl City - Take Me Somewhere Nice

No girl dared to vie with her in beauty
Thanks to her luck, nobody spoke ill of her
I understood my fate was the complete opposite
Time passed. One day out of the blue I learnt she was nothing
She knew herself doomed because she had no future

Miyuki Nakajima - Tell me, sister

And out of the blue, out of the blue
you have become a nightmare from the past
you give me strange looks, full of innuendos
and I love you again, out of the blue

Lena Papadopoulou - Out of the blue

It's over
This is my decision: it's over and out
It looks like I'm doing this out of the blue
But it took me a long time

Tim Douwsma - Over

So many adventures given up today,
So many songs we forgot to play.
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
Oh, let it come true.

Ana Torroja - Forever young

Out of the blue you come to me, as if you knew...
When all my weakness and all mistakes defeat me...
Many people pass through life, but I remember only you...
Until at least one of us gives in...
But I'm not failing, not even when I let the heart slide...

Ivana Selakov - My Defenses

With its poems
How will you explain yourself
When the sky get clear
Out of the blue, with impunity
My people are gonna sing
Next to you

Chico Buarque - In spite of you

Tearing my utopian fiction apart as it happens to just pass along

I feel a change coming on
Rolling out of the blue like a storm
Crashing against my delirious thoughts where humanity's waiting alone

Poets of the Fall - Change

Make it, take it, I never will fake it.
My heart's in your hand, in the end never break it.
You, always true, I fell for you.
And the fever of belief came out of the blue.
It's right tonight, we have to decide.
Shall we whisper or yell: it's Heaven or Hell?

Bad Boys Blue - Heaven or hell

It all started unexpectedly, struck completely out of the blue
The dictionary couldn't give a definition for the low times
Quarter of an hour goes by in about quarter of an hour
after the sixteenth you'll already need some help
what do you say when you can't call anybody

Viikate - There's No One to Call

I also want that she could feel the anguish of heart.

Mona,I tell you "Goodbye",but I'll come back to you
I can do mischief out of the blue too.

Sarmalele Reci - Goodbye,Mona

It's so full of change
Think that you've worked it out
Right out of the blue
Something happens to you
To throw you off course

Jem - Just a Ride

to love and wish that life that didn't make things easier.
But that keeps within us
Like an explosion in the air, like an hurricane in the sea.
Out of the blue, you came back like this.

I need more, I need...

Skank - Out of the blue

I live
In the town's heel
I always collapse slowly
Out of the blue
The stench of severed flesh
Birds swiveling in the wind

People In The Box - No Keyboard,

And you want to run, into the sun
The road is lost, sand shifty

Suddenly, out of the blue
Some kind of magic pushes you through
You don't know when, how or why

Mike Oldfield - To Be Free

(I'm gonna blame it)
(On the summer rain)

Then out of the blue you came
You shine a little light on a cloudy day
You can make a broken heart go away

Jonas Brothers - Summer Rain

Being a child, it already scared me of not being a child anymore,
That I wouldn’t be able to cry like this, coming out of the blue,
That I wouldn’t be able to let my folks hold my hand,
That I wouldn’t be able to run away to my mother when I’d like to.

C.I.A. - Low altitude flight

She storms with happiness
Happiness around her so I could understand
That she'is the girl out of the blue
Yeah, she's the girl out of the blue

I've never felt this way

Jimmy Jansson - The Girl From The Blue

She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing.

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wished upon a star

Jesse McCartney - When You Wish Upon A Star

I don’t like dropping names, but Kurt Cobain is all in my face
How the hell am I gonna tell him Elvis already took first base?
In and out of the blue this cruise is losing altitude, all we need
Is a little more elevation, take me back to where I can breathe

Lily Allen - Air Balloon

the kiss makes me tremble
so she pulls me close and holds me oh so tight.

And suddenly, out of the blue she's singin'...

Oh babe, let my lovin' ease your pain

Live - The River

See? The sun is smiling back at us.
People are walking out in the streets.
But I've got an idea!
Cool things tend to happen out of the blue.

Let's get lost somewhere for a couple of days,

Aggelos Andrianos - Off we go

Once, you had gold.
Once, you had silver.
Then came the rains
out of the blue.
Ever and always.
Always and ever.

Enya - Once You Had Gold

You took me right out of the night
simply by filling my heart with light
only by giving me your energy
with a love so true you took me out of the blue

Michael Learns To Rock - Out of The Blue

‘ was the first time I’d loved, brother; no joke
‘ would have never believed that there is such a thing
She gave me something that no one else had given,
but then out of the blue she wasn’t there anymore
I swear baby, you’ve shown me how people are
Love isn't worth anything; everything is fleeting

PA Sports - The Scars of Time

Monday morning wake up knowing that you’ve got to go to school
Tell your mum what to expect, she says it’s right out of the blue
Do you want to work in debenham’s, because that’s what they expect
Start in lingerie, and doris is your supervisor

Belle & Sebastian - Expectations

Godzilla got pissed and began to attack,
But didn’t expect to be blocked by Shaq,
Who proceeded to open up a can of Shaq Fu,
When Aaron Carter came out of the blue.

And he started beating up Shaquille O’Neal,

Lemon Demon - The Ultimate Showndown of Ultimate Destiny

bye my love I cry you don't want me no more

What's the cause that made you change completely
and out of the blue to bar me quickly
I was by your side in all our moments
now you look at me like we're opponents

Mary Linda - Ιf that's you want

Oh oh
Do you know when you go
You make the sweetest sight at the window
If you had never come out of the blue
I would have stayed up and Made Up You
Made Up You

Taylor Swift - Made Up You

and you’re after words that burn,
you make up allegedly for you
some dogged refrain
or out of the blue you’re stranded,
you’re stranded

Fatme (Greece) - You're stranded

I decorate my house with things you love
Just in case you show up

So you decided to see me out of the blue
Should I let you come over?
You do this all the time

Yuna - Decorate

Who love the same things and who've known the same pain
Where have you been all these wonderful years
I thought I'd have search the world to find you
Now, out of the blue, you're floating into my twisted life
And It feels like you've been there forever
It seems, like with you there is neither space nor time

Andreas Bourani - Ultra light

Is what I'm thinking of
And I ain't got the time now, baby

Straight out of the blue
You came and asked me to
Be your date in the daytime babe

Vengaboys - Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine)

I'm falling for you
Just dropping out of thin air
You came out of nowhere
Right out of the blue

When heaven sent you

Hinder - Heaven Sent

We would have hoped to believe there was no hell worse than this...
But the worst day for humanity has always come out of the blue...

The sound of banging on the wall was constantly rude as hell

Attack on Titan (OST) - Offer up your Heart

in the elevator that we meet up,
we imagine the craziest things to be happening,
in the elevatro that we meet up,
we can't be held, I'll press the stop button out of the blue.

Valantis - In The Elevator

I'm all alone now, and there's nobody here, doesn't matter
We had it all, I deserve more, I won't give up[fn]quit[/fn]

Out of the blue, you try
to bring us back together[fn]to come back to me[/fn]
you want one little place

Synergia - I'm all alone now

Oh fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star

'N Sync - When You Wish Upon A Star

Sometimes, life runs off
Its heart burnt,
Out of the blue

But life comes back

Dumas - The Existence

It's not a fool's gold
That hold the taste of fine wine
It smells sweeter to me
Born right out of the blue
Took the seed from the garden of truth
Looking through a crystal eye in the sky

Phantom Blue - A Little Evil

Εverything is spinning around me crazily
everyone asks and takes away from me many things
so many problems appear out of the blue
and I'm struggling to get away from all that

Giorgos Giannias - Hide Me

Will it all end?

Is the dream already over?
Falling down out of the blue?

If you go (If you go)

Yohanna - If You go

Dear God - it's heavenly.
What a gift to get out of the blue
And it better all be paid for, too!

Kristina från Duvemåla (musical) - Queen Of The Prairie

We were born and raised in a summery haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it
I hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded

Michel Teló - Someone like you

Home, with our bodies touching
Home, and the cameras watching
Home, will infect whatever you do
Where home, comes to life from out of the blue

Tiny little boats on a beach at sunset

David Byrne - HOME

Can't fight this love

I've been hit by a train
It came out of the blue
What a beautiful pain
When I fell so hard for you

Austin Mahone - Can't fight this love

So here we are now
You just came out you just came out of the blue
You said you want to, so all I care for all i care for is you
I'll be your hero, be your femme

A & Y - I know

But he had grown past the age
At which sorrow can be learned by heart.
He tried to focus on it,
To stir emotions in himself out of the blue,
But no: he didn't know how to cry
And that was what made him sad.

Édith Piaf - He Who Didn't Know How To Cry

But it is clear
That I will never, ever understand
Why wires spark so much sometimes,
Out of the blue,
When they complete circuits.

Aleksey Ivashchenko - Never

And someday, I'll be a star up there in the galaxy
NYC? Doesn't matter to me - Who I am? King Frank White
What's around me? Big, big city lights all around -Terror in the neighbourhood, when we come around, blue lights everywhere
Dollars here, euro there - just like that, out of the blue
I stay in shape, when I'm around, the others have complexes
He's good, you're better, but I'm the best

Fler - Never Believed In Me

(There will be times when we're apart)
(I want you to know you're in my heart)
(Growing into a beautiful garden)
(Out of the blue)
(There I met you)
(Showed me a life I can't see without you)

Delta Goodrem - Out Of The Blue

So teach us rather the "whys"

They say I made you out of clay
Out of the blue sky of May
Can't remember, my mind went astray

Amandine Bourgeois - Incognito

it just makes it harder

i can see how it's confusing -- it could be considered using
when i call you up straight out of the blue
but i don't understand what else a girl in my position's to do
now i know you feel betrayed but it's been weeks since i got laid

Lily Allen - Never Gonna Happen

I was walking along, minding my business
When love came and hit me in the eye
Now out of the blue my dreams come true
When they ask I'll tell them why

Michael Bublé - Orange Colored Sky

He used to be no one
Now he's the one in the world
A guy so shy
Became a myth and legend out of the blue
A myth and a legend just like that

Hercules (OST) - Myth and Legend

A surprise, I couldn't believe my eyes
I fell down to the ground by the massive sound
Out of the blue came this shining light
When the smoke cleared, what a beautiful sight

Babylon Bombs - Starstruck

The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star

Meaghan Martin - When You Wish Upon A Star

beneath the waves live and death fight goes on.

You sail with a boat and plunge into the reeds,
that grow on the lakeshore out of the blue...
six feet lower on the marshy depths there’s
banditry, sadism and bestiality.

Jan Kaczmarek - A Lake

But these blue eyes came out of the blue

Out of the blue, blue, blue
Blue, blue, blue

Shout Out Louds - Blue Ice

I’ve got a problem but it ain’t like what you think
I drink because I’m lonesome and I’m lonesome ‘cause I drink
But if I don’t break down and bring it on myself
It’ll hit out of the blue
That’s the difference between whiskey and you

Chris Stapleton - Whiskey And You

Sometimes it's easy
And sometimes it's hard to understand
When moment in time can change it all
Take yourself out of the blue
After rain the sun comes through
Don't look back, stop something new

Alexander Klaws - Fly Away

Out of the blue into the black
I give you this, but you pay for that
Once you're gone, you can't never come back
When you're out of the blue, into the black!

The king is gone but he's not forgotten

Chromatics - Into The Black

and to never have this fear
that everything we lived together was only a moment
I'm cold but it's not winter
Out of the blue, I think of your warm image
and it's like the first time, you're by my side,
you're my sun again, and again my moon.

Sanjuro mc - I'm afraid

didn’t you know?

I remember too a distant bell
and stars that fell like rain out of the blue

When my life is through

Chet Baker - I Remember You

A somewhat plumpy muse says to me with a knowing smirk : "You could have shaved."
I make her notice a couple of hanged men set down at a table
Who came with no tie,
She gives me a crazed look and vomits out of the blue a number of crimson vipers.

Vampires dazzled by lustful vestals,

Jacques Higelin - Champagne

When i thought i would break, cause it was too much to take, i would hold on to that star.

Some things must pass, and come to an end, sometimes you know you just have to let go until it comes around again.
Maybe sometime from out of the blue,
when you've made up your mind to leave it behind, it comes looking for you.

Allan Taylor - Leaving At Dawn

This wall is falling, you left without a warning
You left with your tattoos, in my heart there’s one for you
Your eyes ignore me, you left without a warning
You left out of the blue

This wall is falling, I should’ve seen it coming

Hanna Pakarinen - Lovers

The sky's blue
The water's blue too
My baby's walking away
Out of the blue ?into a fuckin' day
She feels good
and she feels sorry for me

Fool's Garden - Wild Days

You, who fills everything with joy and youth
And sees phantoms in the moon's afterglow
And hears the perfumed song out of the blue,
Get away from me.

Altemar Dutra - Get Away From Me

Alors apprends-nous plutôt les « pourquoi »

They say I made you out of clay
Out of the blue sky of May..
Can't remember , my mind went astray…

Amandine Bourgeois - Incognito

the wound has healed

Who are you to show up
like a bolt out of the blue
don't stretch out your hand to greet me
as if I need that

Neda Ukraden - Stain from the past

So we would at least part in a civilized way

Everything hit me at once
Just like out of the blue
Even if I would ask you why
Oh, what do I need that for?

Vanna - If It Is Was Worth Anything

Young love
I'm losing control
My heart stops stops when I get close to you
Like lightning striking out of the blue
Young love
Stealing my sleep

Jedward - Young Love

If you choose the wrong direction
It's a brand new feeling
Sacrificial healing
Like a U-turn out of the blue
Once you're strong enough to face it

The 69 Eyes - Never say die

But only one of them gives you no peace
Leaving you restless and sleepless when you're in love.

Love will come up out of the blue
When you don't expect it at all
And every evening will in no time become

Leonid Utesov - THE HEART

I feel that, with you,
I am so lucky
you are there whenever needed
from out of the blue
like an image created by gods
you are a gift from heaven

Sportfreunde Stiller - The Gift

I'm a penny in a diamond mine
We could be movers,
We could be shakers
If we could just shake something out of the blue
And get off the ride

The Kills - Sour Cherry

Dear heart

I know, you're only looking out for me.
And he just came out of the blue.
Sayin' the sweetest things I've ever heard
You don't believe him but I do.

Tenille - Dear Heart

We shared many days and nights underneath
Come back, I can't stand it anymore
Come back, this loneliness is too much
Come out of the blue, please, all of a sudden
Come on come. come back
My eyes are locked on the roads that go to the eternity

Mustafa Ceceli - Come Back

and your old wounds beside you too
too heavy damage,

You came out of the blue at june time
I blossomed again
Troubles of this world never end

Nilüfer - June Time

I got a big dream, small world in between
Me and everything I can't do
No really bad day, just okay
I kinda think you sucked the life right out of the blue

I know most likely

Grimes - World Princess part II

Complains about me so much!

Because only you're present when you're needed
And only you show up out of the blue!
Because only you will go down the dark road
Into the unknown days, as long as it's with me!

Anna German - As long as it's with me

There are rich days
I feel, with you
I am so lucky
From out of the blue
Like an image created by gods
Heaven has sent you

Sportfreunde Stiller - The Gift

A frail sounding small bell
started ringing.
In the quiet and warm silence,
all of a sudden, out of the blue,
a small old man with a gentle stare
saluted me extravagantly

Édith Piaf - The small shop

So I won't lose my way

I'm in front of the ocean
You came out of the blue
There's that sweeping emotion
I'm in love with you

Sakis Rouvas - I'm in love with you (S'eho eroftetei)

Aint nothing gonna come between me and my afro.
My man just left what do ya know,
Easy come easy go,
He came out of the blue,
And went right back into it,
He had to forfeit cause he couldnt get with it,

Little Jackie. - The world should revolve around me.

We've always been the best of friends.
No secrets and no demands, but suddenly from somewhere
Out of the blue, I see a different light around you.
One thing I haven't told you, I just want to hold you
And never let go.

Deana Carter - How Do I Get There

Told me there was no rules
When you came out of the blue
Guarded myself from mornings
Crushes don’t come with warning

Quadron - Favorite Star

Out of the sea, out of the blue one there came
Oh, dear, a hostile horde of foes
They aimed their spears at Buyan**, the Sacred,
And the city fell into eternal slumber

Right on that night

Arkona - Arkona

La la la la la la la la

Suddenly the black angel clapped the hands with all his might
A maiden of extraordinary beauty has appeared out of the blue
Dressed up in a robe made of white muslin
She overfilled the meadown with the scent of jasmine

Yugoton - While the city sleeps


Ever & Ever - Fireworks

Another day just like any other
Out of the blue it turned to horror
How could they?
Why would they?

Iced Earth - When The Eagle Cries

Love will turn you around
Turn you around

Out of the blue she reaches for you
And you tell her you don't have the time
So you move away fast

Kenny Rogers - Love Will Turn You Around

Believe it or not, it's just me

Just like the light of new day
It hit me from out of the blue
Breakin' me out of the spell I was in
Makin' all of my wishes come true

Joey Scarbury - Believe It Or Not

They come out of the blue sky
They come out of the blue
They come out of the blue sky
But you never know where they’re gonna go
Hey, Romeo

Counting Crows - Miller's Angels

Those moments that made me blush
The love I was waiting for... it's happening

You let go of my hands out of the blue
Said you're sorry and you left
you broke my heart at that moment

Shennio Lin - Whatever they said

I can't forget that one dance with you

Love came and hit me
Right out of the blue
I can't forget that one dance with you

Tony Christie - One Danse With You

When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star

Pinocchio (OST) - When You Wish Upon a Star

they repay me piece by piece because I've been with another.

You're the same as me, you're an egoist,
But I know out of the blue you'll call me.


Milena Ćeranić - Millimeter of your skin

(Fuh Ooh…)

Cheerful voices pass across out of the blue
Passed days were left with "0" and "1"
What's breaking my heart?

yuukiss - Nostalogic

Fun Fun Funk!? Christmas, Pa Pa Punk!? let's Party Tonight

Out of the blue, if it came to Christmas, it'd be Poinsettia though
There is a flower language of red for "wish" and white for "celebration"

Rhodanthe* - Colored Poinsettia

The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star

Hilary Duff - When You Wish Upon A Star

That you won’t come back.

For the moment, I watch life pass me by.
Out of the blue,
Someone mentions you again.

Fangoria - I Am Watching Life Pass Me By

I pretend to be willing to give in
Without telling you that
I don't trust but
Then, out of the blue, I find you here
And we sleep together
I'd die

Lorenzo Fragola - Scarlett Johansson

And I know that your heart will never be totally mine

I never embark on a adventure
But suddenly you turn up out of the blue

Tenderly magic is our starting signal

Andrea Berg - This nights is worth every sin

Quite simple
It happens all the time
Still a thunderbolt
Out of the blue
For it is happening to me today

BLØF - Open Your Eyes (paraphrased)

I've got a problem, but it ain't like what you think
I drink because I'm lonesome, an' I'm lonesome 'cause I drink
But if I don't break down, and bring it on myself
It'll hit out of the blue

That's the difference between whiskey and you

Aaron Lewis - Whiskey And You

Like tidal waves
Crashing from the sea
Shooting stars blazing through the galaxies
Out of the blue you are there looking at me
So sweet, so sweet

Mariama Whyte - We Be One

I'm gonna start with a silly question
I wonder if we could go back in time
Lately I get bad out of the blue
There is too much affection and less understanding

Jorge e Mateus - Silly Question

so as nobody can now leave!!

I've lost a friend
out of the blue
like he had with the death
a thousand former issues.

Stelios Kazantzidis - Close the door of my life

Really I was a fool,I didn't know I thought you loved me
even my heart threw everything I had so that to love you
You came and left,a bolt out of the blue,in this world the only left sky is crumbling down and falls into a deeper place

Without anyone knowing,I will kill you who lives inside me

Seo Taiji - Certain Victory

They have been for many years
Yet to my wonder they appear
As if out of the blue

Then amazingly they vanish

Ww Ww - An Airport's Dimensions

Why is that the sun has no effect on me,
why is the sunbeam cheating on me?
I'm asking this, when a lightning strucks
out of the blue.
Happiness is fragile to me
I'm going to work on this orphan morning

Andrea Szulák - Orphan morning

No not you anymore, someone else baby
I lovin in, lovin in, lovin in, lovin in baby

Oh, how are you I miss you out of the blue
Oh, you’re waiting for me now? I don’t see why yeah
You, who pushed me away just like that why

Cosmic Girl - Don't You Worry 'bout Me

Didn't you know?

I remember too a distant bell
And stars that fell like rain out of the blue
When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall the thrill of them all

Diana Krall - I Remember You

That she'd wait for her true love to come set her free

Always waiting for someone to ask for her hand
When out of the blue comes this groovy young man
Who vows forever to be by her side
And that's the story of our own corpse bride

Corpse Bride (OST) - Remains Of The Day

in spite of all of his (can you comprehend?)
kindness (can you comprehend?)
a woman showed up.
Suddenly, out of the blue, a woman showed up,
in spite of all of his kindness, Micka showed up in his lif,!
She was young and pretty, she was cheerful and chaste

Aleksandar Sedlar - Go See Grandpa!

the envious world
gave us the evil eye
and out of the blue
sorrow appeared to us
you left me and after you

Andy - Leila

Never again tell me you love me so much
So much, so much, so much, so much
That if I leave you, you’ll die
That’s no comfort to me

Never again tell me I’m yours

Lura - Out of the Blue

Out of joint, out of true,
out of love, out of the blue,
out of order, out of orbit, out of control,
out of touch, out of line,

Peter Hammill - A Way Out

You look at the departures board
In the chaos and the racket of the station

And out of the blue you find yourself
Walking with more difficulty
Under the weight of a heavier suitcase

Les Cowboys fringants - The Train of Life

The road without end, and music that will last forevermore,
They never will deceive and never cheat you.
If asked out of the blue, where is your lover and your friend,
Keep your silence with a smile then, let no one see how your heart has
Turned to gray from being apart.

Albert Asadullin - The Road Without End

But look, look dat Mickey Masses[fn]“Popolino” is a word pun between “Topolino” (Mickey Mouse) and “popolino” (the masses). In this song Caparezza makes comparisons with some Walt Disney fictional characters.[/fn],
Looking like a celeb even when he's in his condo,
He failed classes when he was a child 'cause he was the first of the donkeys,
He appears [out of the blue] from an alley and punctures Ludwig von Drake's car,
He walks along the high road even if he has a Grade 12,
He only has the dime in his mind as Magica de Spell,

Caparezza - Mickey Masses, the Man-Whore

This is a time out of the blue
I think about you
In a room with a view

When we made love erasing the lows
Like the sun when it snows

Per Gessle - Far Too Close

To sleep - to dream
To wake up when we arrive

Right moments come out of the blue
But when there's one it's up to you
Even when the time was up I couldn't stop

Marble Sounds - The Time To Sleep

So tired I can't fall asleep.
I close my eyes and breathe in the heat.
I've got this passion for you.
Like inspiration out of the blue.

I wonder if you hear me tonight.

Krisia Todorova - Who Loves You

Life's too short to even care at all oh oh
oh oh oh oh
I'm coming up now coming up now out of the blue
These zombies in the park they're looking for my heart oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

Melanie Martinez - Cough Syrup (The Voice)

I'm so sorry, darling, let's forget about that.

Old girl, all this is just my way of saying I love you.
I just couldn't tell you that out of the blue.
But in the end I'm glad, I see you got me right.
And I can tell you, old girl, you always were my only one.

Michel Simon - Old girl

[Verse 1]
Thinking of you
Thinking of all that you do to me
Out of the blue
All that I hope
But live without it

Kylie Minogue - Every Day's Like Christmas

Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop?

She walked towards you with the head down low
She wondered if there's a way out of the blue.
Who's gonna take her home this time?
She knew that this time wouldn't be the last time

Laura Mvula - She

Anyway, Lorraine and I got married
And the usual marriage stuff
Then one day she says to me
From out of the blue
She says, “Frank, I’ve had enough
Romance is a heartbreaker

Paul Simon - Darling Lorraine

It's like a bolt of lightning hits me in my chest
Right out of the blue
Every time I see you, every time I see you

Luke Bryan - Every Time I see you

The story came out of the blue,
Happened in a place far away from " Amman "

Aziz Maraka - The Story of Amman

Keep you away tonight
Would it leave your heart sick and lonely
Cause that's what you did baby
When you left me out of the blue
It's funny how love feels good and then suddenly it's over

Ryan Leslie - Out Of The Blue

We fell in love and it's out of our hands
We fell in love, oh man
And tripped over
And it all came out of the blue

Amr Diab - We Fell in Love

And dance, and dance, and dance
upon the sunrays,
whenever you feel out of the blue,
so that hope shine upon the earth.

Petros Gaitanos - This is how love is made

Something is lacking
Do you think of me when you open your eyes in the morning
So you think of me when you see something nice
Do you laugh alone out of the blue like I do

Tell me is this the first time. Have you fallen

Red Velvet - First Time

Black Nike sales after Heaven’s Gate
Summer camp attendance at Penn State
The name Adolf after World War II
Like Debbie Gibson’s pop career, Out of the Blue

Yeah, I fade away

Garfunkel and Oates - The Fade Away

Out of the blue came the sun
You bottled it up in times of rain
You carry it with you wherever you go
You share it with people that have different names
Whether to wait or weather the storm
You leave it to fate, it's one in the same

Blue October - The Lucky One

I have always been the type to think before I speak
I have always been the type to look before I leap
And like a bolt out of the blue
I was struck and there was you
For a moment I believed that I could let go

Morten Harket - Scared of Heights

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
Their sweet fullfillment of their secret longing
Like a boat out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star

Idina Menzel - When You Wish Upon A Star

My wings are clipped
See the steps that made me trip
Now I'm so lonely


A-ha - Out Of The Blue Comes Green

You lock your keys in your car right next to your purse, yeah,
No one sees you like I do

You only show up right out of the blue,
Then 20 minutes late, 5's early for you, yeah,
No one sees you like I do

The Summer Set - Someone like you

We knew we should have been together*
Don't wanna get over you
When love makes a choice, it has a voice
Out of the blue

Aly & AJ - Out of The Blue

A little spark jumped up and I was like
Totally out of the blue.
Reality hits you hard, bro!

The Gregory Brothers - Reality Hits You Hard Bro

I don't love you anymore

You walked away from me
Out of the blue and you were free
I was such a fool
I gave more to keep things cool

ANOHNI - I Don't Love You Anymore

Love is always this way
It's a miracle
It's real as a sun rising out of the blue
It's an old story
It's an old poem

Beauty and the Beast (OST) - Beauty and the Beast - English

My life used to feel so safe and secure
Bein' on my own independent and self-assured
Didn't need nobody to complicate my life
Then like a bolt out of the blue
You caught my eye...

High Valley - Exactly What I Didn't Want To Happen

Nothing, i don't cry anymore

It's like I'm being choked
Sometimes it comes out of the blue
The lump is in my throat
But then there is this sarcastic voice that goes: boohoo

Egil Olsen - Nothing (I don't cry anymore)

Out of the blue
There was you
Out of the blue
Just us two

Adore Delano - Out of the blue

If you were fish
If you were pace in sea
If I was drop you into tulum.
Out of the blue

Veysel says,

Fikret Kızılok - If You Were A Gazelle

Please don't...please don't...please don't
Take him away
(He came in my life out of the blue)

Can you...can you...can you...

Hoyalii - 1913


David, I get that this chick got you out of the blue !
But another day comes on, so promote yourself.
I've seen it on Mayback when she shook her body.

David Carreira - Boom

I was at the dance till late that night
Everything was feeling alright
I was there with all of my friends
Suddenly right out of the blue
Well, this little boy said "I've heard about you.
They say you're the best dancer in this school!"

Cindy Bullens - High School History

My marilou from the peek-a-boo, d'you love that crook ?
Go tell him to slip it all out right now.
Or, my Marilou, once a Sunday shines bright,
he'll be shot out of the blue twice.

Come on in, oldie Johnny.

Antonis Diamantidis - Oldie Johnny

It's just him press start
That I enter the game too

Out of the blue
I don't know why
But it started to change between us

Gloria Groove - Problem

I'm not myself any more.
And the reason for that is not an everyday thing
A coincidence like a tornado
barges into my life just out of the blue
Today I know for sure.

Petra Frey - From Day to Day

Who knows where you fly
Then with the sunrise
There you are
Out of the blue
Into the new
No clouds across our sky

MIKA - Out of the Blue

endless joy and rest.

* This song's for you, the stranger who,
one winter's day out of the blue,
Gave me a sympathetic smile,
when the p'lice pulled me in for a while

Georges Brassens - Song for the Geordie

Happiness out of the blue
Knocked upon my door
YOU are so overdue
What were you waiting for?
Rain and snow, the bitter tears
Pulling through the 'thick - and - thin'

Valery Zolotukhin - A Chat With Happiness

The joke's on me, for sure
But then wishes and hopes come true, for sure
It's you, for sure
Out of the blue, for sure
It's you, for you're past rich and poor
Towards that hard encore

Xavier Naidoo - I'd be Waiting

My great-grandfather served at the court of the king
My grandfather, the captain, passed all the seas
My second cousin is honored with awards
Only I sing about it in the wrong, out of the blue.

My great-grandmother was an ideal wife

Lolita (Russia) - I'm Neither This Nor That

and the forged passport…

The Little Mermaid: I don’t know, it’s some kind of a bad luck…
I had no idea he’d just leave for Moscow out of the blue, I needed to talk to him beforehand.
It feels like there really is some kind of a sorceress that wants me to fail everything…

Victor Argonov Project - "The Little Mermaid": Track 27 – The Probe (July 15 scene)