Oh yeah, tu sabes
it's me baby, a several beat

REF. 2x
Oziljak, tu sa leve strane
secanje na stare dane
da li leti ili zimi
na rani tetovaza sa tvojim imenom

Tu, sada me boli sve
ti teces mojim venama
evo, kap po kap
krvi gubim, nisam to ja

Sve mi se vrti krug u krug
ne mogu vise, poludecu
nedostaju mi tvoji poljupci
na usnama mojim tvoji dodiri

REF. 2x

Yeah, baby
it's me baby, Yankoo

Na mojim ramenom
si znala da poludis
bilo ti je mesto
jutrom da se budis

Sa leve strane mi
je ost'o oziljak
do kraja mog zivota
nosicu nas znak

Na mojim usnama
jos tvojih tragova
trebam te duso
i ako si me lagala

Izgubili smo se
u igri proslosti
sa svog puta skrenuli

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Oh yeah, tu sabes (you know)
it s me baby,a several beat

scar,here on the left side
memory of the old days
whether in summer or winter
covering the wound, tatoo with your name

here, now it hurts everything
you are running through my veins
here,drop by drop
losing my blood ,it is not me

everything is spinning round in circles
I can no longer,I' m going mad
I miss your kisses
on my lips your touch


Yeah , baby
it s me baby , Yankoo

on my shoulder
you used to go crazy
it was your place
to wake up in the morning

on the left side
remained scar
for the rest of my life
I will wear our sign

on my lips
still are your traces
I need you baby
and if you lied to me

we are lost
in the game of past
we took another direction

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