Pepe de Lucía - Pa que quiero yo llorar (English translation)


Pa que quiero yo llorar

Pa que quiero yo llorar
si no tengo prima quién me oiga
la que me tenía que oir
está viviendo en la gloria
y no se acuerda de mi
quién ha visto a una pastora
adorná con ricas pieles
y por coronita le han puesto
una matita de laurel verde
al de la puerta real
que me alivie las duquelas
que no las pueo aguantá
yo le estoy pidiendo a dios
que me quite las duquelas que tiene mi corazón
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English translation

Why would I want to cry?

Why would I want to cry?
If I don't have a cousin 1 to hear me,
the one who used to listen,
it's living in glory 2
and don't remember me.
Who has seen a shepherdess?
decorated with wealthy fur,
and by a crown they've put on her
a little patch of green laurel.
Guard of the real gate,
cure my grief 3
that I can't hold it anymore.
I'm asking God
to take away the grief my heart has.
  • 1. Refering to any woman.
  • 2. She's dead.
  • 3. Interpreting //duquelas// by context, I've never listened to that word in my entire life and couldn't find a definition, not even as a slang.
Just learning.
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