Fall, you force and injustice (Padaj, silo i nepravdo)

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Fall, you force and injustice

Fall, you force and injustice,
The people are called upon to judge you.
Flee from us, shadows of the night,
Our day has come at last.
Our stolen right,
restore right back to us!
Should you refuse, we're not asking,
The people will take it themselves.
Cities we have erected for you,
And palaces we have built.
Ever slaves have we been,
Toiling for you.
The terror shall be great,
In the palaces strong,
When you see us coming from the country,
coming with pickaxes.
A new age shall come to be,
Oh Matija Ivanić!
From the grave you will rise,
And with you into battle I shall go!
A new flag shall be hoisted,
High above our heads that day.
Worker and peasant shall be one,
Their work and labor is the same!
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Padaj, silo i nepravdo

Padaj silo i nepravdo,
Narod ti je sudit zvan.
Bjež'te od nas noćne tmine,
Svanuo je i naš dan.
Pravo naše ugrabljeno,
Amo natrag dajte nam!
Ne date li, ne molimo,


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Anzhelitochka     March 31st, 2013

а почему хорватский - русский если перевод на английский?

barsiscev     March 31st, 2013

ощибка, щас исправим, а ещё не пил ничего, кроме "Байкала"

barsiscev     April 1st, 2013