Promise (Pangako)


Ta la la la...

Why is it, that there's sadness in your eyes
Is it because you don't want me with you, my love?
Don't you notice that I have feelings for you
I hope you'll listen to my voice

And now I am uneasy
For my heart is lonely
I hope you take good care of it
And keep in mind one promise


I promise I'll never leave you
I promise I'll never neglect you
I promise you'll no longer be alone
I promise that from now on
The two of us, will be together

What is this feeling I have
Am I falling? Falling in love with you?
Every moment with you is pure happiness
I hope you trust me

Should your feelings ever be true
There's something I want you to know
This heart of mine is wholly yours
I hope you won't forget the promise

Repeat Chorus: (except last line)

The two of us, The two of us

Repeat Chorus

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