Don't need you (Pas besoin de toi)

English translation

Don't need you

On the pillow, a tear
In my memory, a tragedy
All the things he left to me
A step thought to be heard
A voice wanted to be overheard
I know it's all, all in the past, but
I don't care, I don't need you
Don't need your arms
Your picture reflects all I dislike
Whatever recourse you may take
Even if you cry for help
Do not even take a backward glance
Run run away, the road is long
Before another woman holds your hand
I'm bewitched tonight
And I still believe
In him, in us
A perfumed piece of cloth
Time didn't remove
All that from me, from everything
hehe hehe haha hehe papalalapapa papapllapapa
papallapapa pa
Before another woman holds your hand
Before another woman... holds your hand
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Pas besoin de toi

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