Passion (Pasión)

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You dream with a love
pure, unconditional
strong, eternal like the sun
with one that draws a passion

You dream with a love
clear, with devotion
free, growing wings to the heart
to fly where passion nestles

Passion is like a restless wind
that is converted to freedom
It is knowing that there's someone else who lives
strongly wishing to meet you

It is traveling without fear among the stars
and the immensity
It is going through fire, walking on waters
converting a dream to reality.

Passion is an enormous force
that moves the whole Creation
It is knowing there's someone waiting for you
further down where the sun hides

It is two souls that unite
continuing like this to Eternity

You'll never miss
someone in whom you trust
An angel to take you
by the hand revealing a world of passion

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