Perfectly normal (C'est normal)

English translation

Perfectly normal

- Areski!
- What's up?
- Didn't you just hear something?
- Yep
- What is it?
- That's gas. Gas in the flat below. Sometimes there are leaks, so it builds up and then if there's a spark it explodes. Perfectly normal!
- I see.
- And explosion means detonation. Hence the noise you heard a moment ago.
- I see.
La la la...
- By the way...
- What?
- Don't you smell like something's burning?
- Sure I do. Perfectly normal, as I said there was an explosion.
- Yep
- ...and the molecular agitation caused by this explosion...
- The... what?
- The molecular agitation.
- Ah, right.
- ...causes a thermal increase sufficient to set surrounding materials on fire.
- I see, I see.
- What happens then is called combustion. Perfectly normal!
- Uhu.
- Got it?
- Sure.
La la la...
- Now wait a second...
La la la...
- What's the matter ? La la la...
- I was just wondering... The whole building is on fire, right?
- Of course it is. The materials used to build this apartment block are very fragile, you see?
- Yep.
- Perfectly normal, since it houses nothing but prole families and foreigners and a few unproductive persons.
- And so?
- So fire grabs hold easily of these materials.
- Yep.
- It spreads. We are therefore experiencing a building fire.
- A building fire, I see.
- Perfectly normal.
- Sure, sure.
- Really?
- Okay.
La la la...
- Areski!
- What now?
- Don't you feel like we are, like, starting to fall?
- Now listen...
- Yep
- Try to understand, it's really easy.
- Uhu.
- You remember about combustion?
- Yep.
- About the building being destroyed by fire?
- Yep.
- Right. That means the walls and floors below have vanished.
- Mmm...
- ...and there's nothing left to support us.
- Yeah.
- Now a thing deprived of support falls. That's called gravity. Perfectly normal!
- Now I see.
La la la...
- So that means we're gonna fall?
- Indeed.
- From the 15th floor?
- Perfectly normal
- That's Earth's gravitational pull.
- Alright.
La la la...
- Ares, sorry, but...
- What? What?
- Sorry, but I was thinking...
- Aren't we just about to die?
- Brigitte, you are so tiresome!
- Sorry.
- As I said, we are falling.
- Yep.
- Now any object falls with a set speed.
- Yep.
- And when it reaches the ground it experiences a violent deceleration which causes his component parts to break apart. For instance, limbs get separated from torso.
- Yep.
- Brain splashes out of the skull, etc.
- Uhu.
- In such a state of deconnection, life as a phenomenon cannot be sustained. Perfectly NORMAL. Got it?
- Sure...
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I love those two...


C'est normal

nazikus    May 14th, 2017

ahaha, I was listening to this song while driving in smashed car after a road accidence (no worries, nobody's hurt, just a car damage). I had no idea what the lyrics are about, but that "c'est normal, la-la-la" was fitting my mood perfectly! And now I can see why Regular smile Thanks