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Perpålsa the gnome lived in a rock
in Nordland, in Nordland
And Henry The Swede was fleeing on his legs
he was running from the sheriff* in the valley

Henry The Swede ran, and he ran
in Nordland, in Nordland
And the sheriff* came just behind with cuffs
he will never get away

Far away he saw something he believed to be
in Nordland, in Nordland
The rock where Perpålsa lived
and the sheriff's* breath was close behind

He threw himself behind that rock he had seen
in Nordland, in Nordland
He pounded and knocked frantically and strongly
fortunately, Perpålsa was at home

The door opened slightly ajar
in Nordland
Henry The Swede got in
"Now I shall sleep tight"

It was a gnome's rock!

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