Red sky at night shepherd's/sailor's delightEnglish1
pull upEnglish-
Show somebody's/something's true colorsEnglish2
To be up the spoutEnglish-
Across the pondEnglish2
A red-letter dayEnglish1
(to) leave someone holding the babyEnglish-
roll the diceEnglish1
walk a tightropeEnglish9
I'm crossing my fingers!English1
It's not all sunshine and rosesEnglish11
Not the sharpest tool in the shedEnglish14
Self do, self haveEnglish7
Bull's eye!English7
As conceited as a barber's catEnglish-
Act as a guinea pigEnglish-
I haven't the slightest notion.English18
Be offEnglish1
to stand in a lineEnglish1
it comes with the territoryEnglish1
You make your own luckEnglish8
Funny farmEnglish-
Eighty sixEnglish-
Dead ringerEnglish-
A toss-upEnglish-
A fool and his money are easily partedEnglish-
A drop in the bucketEnglish-
A dime a dozenEnglish-
gram (or insta)English-
English #1, #2
A doubting ThomasEnglish-
A one-way streetEnglish1
like shooting fish in a barrelEnglish2
To Raise a VoiceEnglish1
You took the long way around a straight line.English-
It's colder than a witch's tit.English-
English #1, #2
talk the talk ... walk the walkEnglish1
to play deadEnglish1
bad bloodEnglish-
To fuck with someoneEnglish5
If there is a will, there is a wayEnglish4
Arabic, English #1, #2, Spanish, Turkish
Give up on (someone/something)English-
Had it up to the ceilingEnglish-
jump out of the frying pan into the fireEnglish4
English #1, #2, Hindi
to be riveted to the spotEnglish-
magic friendEnglish-
light on his feetEnglish1
one track mindEnglish-
Forbidden fruit always tastes the bestEnglish-
first come first servedEnglish7
to lick one's woundsEnglish4
fever pitchEnglish-
pop it for a pimpEnglish-
To run someone throughEnglish-
Run like a Swiss watchEnglish3
hot airEnglish-
behind barsEnglish-
big in japanEnglish-
gather dustEnglish-
garden varietyEnglish-
Brevity is the soul of witEnglish4
Ride the short busEnglish-
All good things must (come to an) endEnglish3
to be born with a silver spoon in (one's) mouthEnglish3
put on displayEnglish-
you can bet your bottom dollarEnglish-
To put on airsEnglish1
Burning a hole in someone's pocketEnglish-
Cobbler/Shoemaker stick to your lastEnglish5
Off the cuffEnglish2
(to be in) the limelightEnglish-
Play (it) by earEnglish2
Caught with your pants downEnglish-
The shoemaker's son always goes barefootEnglish5
ride roughshod overEnglish-
cast an eye on/over someone/somethingEnglish1
home timeEnglish2
knocking on heaven's doorEnglish-
fiddle while rome burnsEnglish-
a good voice to beg baconEnglish1
Second BananaEnglish-
what did your last slave die ofEnglish-
a daniel come to judgementEnglish-
Arabic, English #1, #2
Dipping your pen in the company inkEnglish2
Mix business with pleasureEnglish2
The (good) old runaroundEnglish1
Blowing (Letting/Popping) off steamEnglish1
Get up somebody's noseEnglish5
Get the bluesEnglish-
Mull overEnglish-
catch someone off guardEnglish-
English #1, #2, Greek
give someone the cold shoulderEnglish1
English #1, #2
A diamond in the roughEnglish-
You can't judge a book by its coverEnglish1
More than meets the eyeEnglish1
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