To burn with enthusiasmEnglish4
To be a CassandraEnglish4
To fly off the shelvesEnglish10
Be as regular as clock-workEnglish1
The pot calling the kettle backEnglish3
Go right over your headEnglish1
Get your knickers in a twistEnglish1
Out of the corner of your eyeEnglish2
Dice with deathEnglish2
Old wive's taleEnglish1
A bag of bonesEnglish2
See the lightEnglish-
Fight like cat and dogEnglish2
To be on the safe sideEnglish1
Yahtzee !English5
Heart sinkEnglish2
Bend over backwardsEnglish2
back door manEnglish-
Turn a blind eyeEnglish1
Grammar naziEnglish-
In the teethEnglish-
Lying through your teethEnglish1
Rotten apple spoils the barrelEnglish1
Hit the jackpotEnglish5
to adorn oneself with borrowed plumesEnglish1
Put your own house in orderEnglish1
Blood is ticker than water.English1
You can't teach an old dog new tricks.English2
You say tomato,I say tomato.English1
He laughs best who laughs lastEnglish27
As you sow, so you shall reapEnglish1
A bird in hand is worth two in the bushEnglish4
The last straw that broke the camel’s backEnglish1
Great haste makes great wasteEnglish32
Have your hands fullEnglish2
Bite your lipsEnglish1
Push up to the hillEnglish-
Catch 22English-
Put your foot downEnglish1
On the hoofEnglish1
two facesEnglish4
Swan aroundEnglish1
Manners maketh manEnglish-
To move heaven and earthEnglish3
Happy as a clam at high tideEnglish18
Finders keepersEnglish1
Guinea pigEnglish4
Test dummyEnglish4
Rise to the baitEnglish2
Hand the reins overEnglish1
A frog in your throatEnglish1
Chi sa, fa; chi non sa, insegnaEnglish3
Smell a ratEnglish1
At sixes and sevensEnglish1
Money doesn't grow on treesEnglish1
I could eat a horseEnglish1
Achilles heelEnglish5
Pyrrhic victoryEnglish6
let it beEnglish7
deixa estarEnglish7
make eyes atEnglish1
When the blind lead the blindEnglish3
When the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into a ditchEnglish3
Walk the lineEnglish1
with flying coloursEnglish1
push your luckEnglish1
to have one's head in the cloudEnglish2
to be on cloud nineEnglish-
to be showed underEnglish-
to steal one's thunderEnglish-
storm in a teacupEnglish2
to save up for a rainy dayEnglish2
lead a double lifeEnglish2
bite your tongueEnglish2
Albanian, English #1, #2
Miss Goody Two Shoes/Little Goody Two ShoesEnglish-
Pounding down the doorEnglish-
Put someone's cards on the tableEnglish-
Suck it up! Feel the suck!English-
Like pulling teethEnglish-
From this moment onEnglish4
Always a bridesmaid, never a brideEnglish-
Head over heelsEnglish4
one's blood runs coldEnglish4
A carbon copyEnglish-
Captains of industryEnglish-
To make capital out of somethingEnglish1
To cup a caperEnglish-
To cap it allEnglish1
To set one's cap for someoneEnglish-
To put one's thinking cap onEnglish-
If the cap fits, wear itEnglish-
Cap in handEnglish-
Cannot fodderEnglish-
To burn the candle at both endsEnglish1
To carry the canEnglish-
To swallow a camelEnglish-
Calm before the stormEnglish2
There is no call for somethingEnglish-
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