to set the courseEnglish1
hatchet jobEnglish-
under the roseEnglish-
adrenaline junkieEnglish-
blue sky thinkingEnglish-
bring a knife to a gun fightEnglish-
blue devilsEnglish-
quick buckEnglish-
rerrange the deck chairs on the titanicEnglish-
run with scissorsEnglish-
run around like a chicken with it's head cut offEnglish-
take a bulletEnglish-
take a dim view of something or someoneEnglish-
take a shot in the darkEnglish-
twilight yearsEnglish-
wait for the other shoe to dropEnglish-
babe in the woodsEnglish-
Wake up and smell the coffeeEnglish-
know which side of one's bread is butteredEnglish-
eat one's wordsEnglish-
the apple of one's eyeEnglish-
as cool as a cucumberEnglish-
big cheeseEnglish-
like water off a duck's backEnglish-
butterflies in the stomachEnglish-
hear it straight from the horse's mouthEnglish-
eat like a horseEnglish-
let a cat out of the bagEnglish-
Russian #1, #2
be as busy as a beeEnglish-
monkey businessEnglish-
English, Russian #1, #2
go with the timesEnglish-
gravy trainEnglish-
Russian #1, #2
sail close to the windEnglish-
have one's head in the cloudsEnglish-
know the drillEnglish-
Rolling stoneEnglish17
take the heatEnglish-
put one's foot in one's mouthEnglish-
Avoid someone like the plagueEnglish13
Not worth the paper it's written onEnglish-
Bring owls to AthensEnglish-
Free one's horsesEnglish-
Murder will outEnglish3
to cut it too fatEnglish2
Don't (you) blow it!English1
this is the thin edge of the wedgeEnglish3
the worst is yet to comeEnglish3
Grow legs (and walk away)English-
Never mindEnglish2
to wag one's tongueEnglish2
vicious circleEnglish2
The Promised LandEnglish2
Hear through the grapevinesEnglish2
Hold one's tongueEnglish3
tell like it isEnglish1
Forever and a dayEnglish-
Die hardEnglish9
to take something as readEnglish7
to take something as a givenEnglish7
cut of the same clothEnglish2
Turn the tideEnglish-
An odysseyEnglish1
at this time of nightEnglish1
Chock fullEnglish2
For the takingEnglish-
Think out of the boxEnglish4
Nothing ventured, nothing gainedEnglish3
to work your butt offEnglish2
High groundEnglish3
For God's sakeEnglish4
Money down the drainEnglish2
with flying colorsEnglish-
A good catchEnglish3
dirty laundryEnglish1
The light of dayEnglish1
Face to faceEnglish3
In the endEnglish2
Rubbernecking Can refer to staring at someone attractive, commonly men starring at women.English-
Soul mateEnglish2
I (can) feel it in my bonesEnglish1
Let your guard downEnglish-
And what notEnglish2
Rotten luckEnglish3
Tough luckEnglish3
Too badEnglish3
Kick into gearEnglish1
Went full circleEnglish-
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.English-
Tug of warEnglish-
to have the last/final wordEnglish6
At handEnglish6
Every nook and crannyEnglish1
Over the edgeEnglish-
final nail in the coffinEnglish-
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