The early bird catches the wormEnglish1
Rat raceEnglish-
Railroad (someone)English2
Dog and pony showEnglish-
Have the dog onEnglish-
People skillsEnglish-
Δεν περνάν σε μένα αυτάEnglish-
Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.English-
No news good newsEnglish1
Gone but not forgottenEnglish-
Pride comes(eth) before a fall./Pride goes(eth) before a fall.English5
Fly below radarEnglish6
It's raining cats and dogsEnglish8
Murphy's lawEnglish-
Have wordsEnglish-
the little deathEnglish-
Bad hair dayEnglish-
Cum tacent clamantEnglish-
Wit's endEnglish-
Your goose is cookedEnglish1
A nut caseEnglish2
Play stupidEnglish5
Silver liningEnglish16
Play by earEnglish1
Hasn't got/Doesn't have a prayerEnglish-
my heart is in my mouthEnglish1
Two heads are better than oneEnglish2
Play dumbEnglish5
Fine and dandyEnglish-
Fed up with someoneEnglish2
Lose/Lost/Trying someone's patienceEnglish2
Tie on the feedbagEnglish-
Back in the worldEnglish-
Fair weather friendEnglish-
Grow upEnglish-
No pain,No gainEnglish12
Come out aheadEnglish1
Go/ No goEnglish-
No call, no showEnglish1
Walking papersEnglish-
A whack jobEnglish2
Keep/Save for a rainy dayEnglish2
Squirrel away somethingEnglish2
Out of pocket (expense/s)English-
Hurry up and waitEnglish-
The old rigormoroleEnglish-
A dead give awayEnglish-
Shotgun weddingEnglish-
Pleased as PunchEnglish1
Tickled to deathEnglish1
Take (Put) stock in/Take stock ofEnglish-
The heart wants what it wantsEnglish16
Blow off steamEnglish-
Blow off/Blown offEnglish-
Know which side of someone's bread is butteredEnglish-
Ship shape and Bristol fashionEnglish1
Squared awayEnglish1
Take for grantedEnglish-
Stretching the truth (a little)English1
It's getting deep (in here)English1
On the lam/(not on the lamb)English-
Show someone the ropesEnglish2
To show someone (up)English-
Half-baked idea/schemeEnglish1
A (heavy) cross to bearEnglish-
The real McCoyEnglish1
The real dealEnglish1
Walk into a minefieldEnglish1
Step in a bear trapEnglish1
Raid the iceboxEnglish-
Pissed off/ PissedEnglish1
At someone's beck and callEnglish2
Kiss someone's ass/arse/buttEnglish2
Wait on someone hand and footEnglish2
Pulling the wool over someone's eyesEnglish-
Have the ass/ Have a case of the assEnglish-
Out of someone's mind/Out of someone's headEnglish2
On someone's mindEnglish-
Too many cooks spoil the brothEnglish11
Get ownedEnglish-
Talk someone's ear offEnglish1
Bend someone's earEnglish1
What happens in...stays in...English1
Telling tales out of school/Talking out of schoolEnglish1
The take/The total takeEnglish-
Three hots and a cotEnglish-
from the horse's mouthEnglish1
That's not my cup of teaEnglish2
Fall into placeEnglish-
"test(S) the ground "English1
Test (s) waterEnglish1
Case of the MondaysEnglish-
As if it were nothingEnglish1
A man is a wolf to another manEnglish9
to go around withEnglish-
From time to timeEnglish3
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