This is a thing of my past!English1
There is nothing to doEnglish8
One swallow does not make a summerEnglish6
Check your CartierEnglish-
Pecking orderEnglish1
Chain of commandEnglish1
Second stringEnglish-
Riding the pines/sitting on the benchEnglish-
It goes to showEnglish-
English, German #1, #2
it is a thing of the pastEnglish7
This is the last strawEnglish3
Sleep like a dogEnglish5
teach fish to swimEnglish1
Looking beautiful is a hard workEnglish1
You could not step twice into the same riverEnglish5
chicken scratchEnglish3
To play the first violin.English5
To kill two hares.English7
To cover the sun with a fingerEnglish1
Tune inEnglish-
One bad apple spoils the bunchEnglish2
matter of life and deathEnglish4
shed skinEnglish-
You can not eat the cake and have itEnglish5
Let things take their courseEnglish2
Brave the dayEnglish-
to go to the dogsEnglish1
I can't help itEnglish2
it's a long time comingEnglish-
Happy as LarryEnglish-
It is dogged does it doggedEnglish19
there's nothing to itEnglish-
Same rutEnglish1
taken inEnglish-
Pluck up your courageEnglish3
To draw the lineEnglish1
To make up your mindEnglish-
It's not rocket scienceEnglish2
Money TalksEnglish-
To be blind drunkEnglish6
claim to fameEnglish-
a subtle hint of a huge problemEnglish2
US EnglishEnglish-
from home to hellEnglish3
At oneEnglish-
To make a long story shortEnglish2
Wouldn't be caught deadEnglish-
at the end of your ropeEnglish3
to be at the end of one's ropeEnglish3
Take (something) on the chinEnglish1
flashes in the panEnglish5
flash in the panEnglish5
a walk in the parkEnglish1
Smooth Sailing English1
Count The CostEnglish-
If you want peace, prepare for warEnglish15
What you get is what you seeEnglish-
play for keepsEnglish-
go for brokeEnglish-
To say one thing and think anotherEnglish2
A bitter pillEnglish1
break the iceEnglish15
pick a fightEnglish-
backed into a cornerEnglish18
"His days are numbered"English8
On the lineEnglish13
Go round the bendEnglish1
Round the bendEnglish1
He's all up in my George ForemanEnglish1
Word of mouthEnglish3
You don't miss your water 'til the well runs dryEnglish1
at a loss for wordsEnglish-
The calm before the stormEnglish4
shoot on sightEnglish2
to take a running jumpEnglish2
In the middle of nowhereEnglish9
all my shit hit the fanEnglish-
at largeEnglish-
to have a lot on a plateEnglish10
Cyaan bury a man an lef out him footEnglish-
Damp squibEnglish-
To Go Pear-shapedEnglish-
Pardon My FrenchEnglish-
All mouth and no trousersEnglish-
Donkey's yearsEnglish-
Different kettle of fishEnglish-
Finger lickingEnglish-
Pandora's boxEnglish6
Lion's shareEnglish4
To bury one's head in the sandEnglish1
Mama's boyEnglish4
To grate on someone's earsEnglish1
Second windEnglish1
Bone of contentionEnglish2
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