If you want peace, prepare for warEnglish14
What you get is what you seeEnglish-
play for keepsEnglish-
go for brokeEnglish-
To say one thing and think anotherEnglish2
A bitter pillEnglish1
break the iceEnglish15
pick a fightEnglish-
backed into a cornerEnglish18
"His days are numbered"English7
On the lineEnglish13
Go round the bendEnglish1
Round the bendEnglish1
He's all up in my George ForemanEnglish1
Word of mouthEnglish3
You don't miss your water 'til the well runs dryEnglish1
at a loss for wordsEnglish-
The calm before the stormEnglish3
shoot on sightEnglish2
to take a running jumpEnglish2
In the middle of nowhereEnglish9
all my shit hit the fanEnglish-
at largeEnglish-
to have a lot on a plateEnglish10
Cyaan bury a man an lef out him footEnglish-
Damp squibEnglish-
To Go Pear-shapedEnglish-
Pardon My FrenchEnglish-
All mouth and no trousersEnglish-
Donkey's yearsEnglish-
Different kettle of fishEnglish-
Finger lickingEnglish-
Pandora's boxEnglish6
Lion's shareEnglish4
To bury one's head in the sandEnglish1
Mama's boyEnglish4
To grate on someone's earsEnglish1
Second windEnglish1
Bone of contentionEnglish2
To be right on timeEnglish4
words are cheaper than deedsEnglish1
make one's wayEnglish-
He was born with a silver spoon in his mouthEnglish2
To sackEnglish2
Make a hue and a cry about (sth)English2
It's all showEnglish-
Play fairEnglish1
worry oneself sickEnglish2
I'm going through my own hellEnglish2
There's something fishy about sb/sthEnglish7
Hit the bull's-eyeEnglish2
Mind your P's and Q'sEnglish1
Raise a stinkEnglish3
Swim against the tideEnglish2
Be moved to tearsEnglish-
Eat your wordsEnglish4
Azerbaijani, English #1, #2, #3
at a blink of an eyeEnglish10
English #1, #2, Greek
Kick up a rowEnglish2
Grin and bearEnglish3
Swim before someone's eyesEnglish-
Weight off your mindEnglish1
Keep offEnglish-
Look forEnglish-
Pick onEnglish-
Pass overEnglish-
Run alongEnglish-
Run aganistEnglish-
Run afterEnglish-
Stand forEnglish-
Set backEnglish-
Set aboutEnglish-
Talk awayEnglish-
Throw about-throw aroundEnglish-
Throw away- throw outEnglish-
Throw asideEnglish-
Turn asideEnglish-
Breath your lastEnglish1
Pay through the noseEnglish3
Have a leg to stand onEnglish3
Pencil pusherEnglish2
Go off the railsEnglish1
Run out of patienceEnglish3
Bide your timeEnglish1
Come back to earth with a bumpEnglish1
lose the run of yourselfEnglish-
Be a black sheepEnglish11
Arabic, Azerbaijani, English #1, #2
To burn with enthusiasmEnglish4
To be a CassandraEnglish4
To fly off the shelvesEnglish10
Be as regular as clock-workEnglish1
The pot calling the kettle backEnglish7
Go right over your headEnglish1
Get your knickers in a twistEnglish1
Out of the corner of your eyeEnglish3
Dice with deathEnglish2
Old wive's taleEnglish1
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