Father went, went (Poszedł, poszedł ojciec)

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Father went, went

- Father went, went
to the beautiful yard,
gold keys are ringing,
he wakes his sons up in the morning...
"Get up, children!
On your feet, sons!
Hey, our yard
is surrounded by the enemy...
Your sisters have already been abducted by outlanders..."
"We will chase them late
we will catch up with them in the morning
we will disperse the army
we will rescue the sisters
we will find them in the camp.
"We will recognise them easily...
they have golden hair
and on this golden hair
green headbands
on the headbands
woven wreaths made of ruta.
On the dark wreaths
there are golden flowers.
"Beloved sisters
my dear maids!
From where did you get
those golden flowers?
"At a great war
between the armies1
this is where we got
our golden flowers..."
  • 1. a misprint, it should be: brothers
    (a Lithuanian daina from the collection of Józef Ignacy Kraszewski who developed this collection of old folk songs in "Dajny. Pieśni Litewskie" ("Dainas. Lithuanian Songs")
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Poszedł, poszedł ojciec

— „Poszedł, poszedł ojciec
na podwórko kraśne,
złote klucze dzwonią,
rano synów budzi...
„Wstawajcie mi, dzieci!
na nogi, synowie !
hej, podwórko nasze
wrogi otoczyły...


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