I Would Recognize You Amongst A Thousand Women (Pozn'o bih te medj' hiljadu zena)

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I Would Recognize You Amongst A Thousand Women

Did you really have to be born that way
You beautiful woman, my restless river
My stolen flower, who protects you now
In the house of sorrow somewhere far away
Even if they would blindfold me
I would recognize you amongst a thousand women
Because no other woman looks like you
My dear, my dear, my lost happiness
You left with someone you did not know
But you once said that you were happy beside me
Does the love of another man interest you
Do you still have the smile of a woman in love
Secretly I hope you'll appear from somewhere
The years are passing by, but you still haven't come
If you'll come at one time, just drop by
My door is always open for you
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Pozn'o bih te medj' hiljadu zena

Zar si morala takva da se rodiš
ti lepa ženo, nemirna reko
ko te sad čuva, ukradeni cvete
u domu tuge negde daleko
I kada bi oči zavezali moje
pozn'o bih te međ' hiljadu žena
jer ni jedna žena na tebe ne liči


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