Glorify [ Praslavlai (Прославляй) ]

English translation


They say that You’re good
They say that You are kind
They will say that You died long ago
But I will say that You are alive!
They say that you were wise
They say prophet
They will say ( He’s ) only a man
But I will say You’re my God!
You’re my Lord!
I will be exclaiming to the whole earth
Exalting You always
So that the world sees how great God is
Glorify God through your whole life!
I know that You are the Messiah!
That You paid my debts
Jesus, you're my only way
Jesus, You are God
You are my Lord!
Through your life every day
Glorify Jesus!
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Praslavlai (Прославляй)

Говорят – Ты хороший
Говорят – Ты добр.
Скажут – умер Ты давно
Но я скажу – Ты живой!
Говорят – Ты был мудрым
Говорят – пророк.
Скажут – просто человек