Theatres des Vampires - Preludium To Madness (English translation)

English translation

Preludium to Madness

Let him come to your kingdom.
the king of the country and the emperor of heaven
and land and sea and all animals
which live within .
Come and for the valorous David and Solomon
the holy king and his clavicle
and do not haste to help:
Six of you pray with the virtuous virgin
I bless you in the name of our god Satan.
May the devil be with you and with your spirit.
-Specter, the Flying Fox
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Author's comments:

I'm assuming this is a metal song? Very interesting choice of words here, such as some vulgar spellings (ejus, claviculoe, sice)

I translated the term "Lucifer" literally because I wasn't sure what context/connotation it was being used in, and I like the poetry of it.


Preludium To Madness

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